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Doug_headshot_Large_1-373963-edited.jpgThe Switch Whisperer
By Doug Kuntz, Carrier Access Manager

It was nearly 20 years ago and I had just started with Nex-Tech, or at that time Rural Telephone Service.  While touring one of our central offices, I was introduced to Ed.  Ed was a seasoned Central Office Tech that had been with the company for what I believed forever.  With a strong German accent, he told stories of “back in da day”...

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LittleSteve.jpgHaving Fun in the Workplace
By Steve Riat, Director of Sales

It is that time of year where you sit down and review 2016 and evaluate how it went.  Overall, I had a successful year.  From growing as a leader to gaining new skills, it was very productive.  Where I missed the mark is fun.   The question I began to ask myself...

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Doug_headshot_Large_1-373963-edited.jpgWe Built It, Why Don't They Come
By Doug Kuntz, Carrier Access Manager

If you’re like most independent telephone companies investing to deliver bigger and better broadband services, you may also be seeing special access revenue slowly replaced with Virtual Private Network Service (VPNs) over Internet, or even point to point wireless service.  This has been a common challenge...

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DaneWeaver_Headshot.jpgCarrier Ethernet: SOAM Toolkit for Verification of Service Level Specifications
By Dane Weaver, NOC Service Assurance Specialist

Ethernet emerged in the 1980s and 1990s as the de facto layer 2 protocol for LAN networks but distance restrictions, technology limitation, and customer traffic primarily composed of voice services limited Ethernet expansion as a WAN network service.  However, 21st century has shifted primary...

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