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Steve RiatWhy Care About the IoT for Your Business?
By Steve Riat, Sales Manager

You may know by now I am a huge gadget fan and the IoT (Internet of Things) has fueled my gadget bug. From ChromeCast to the Nest Thermostat, I find it all fun to play with and there are some real advantages to the smart home. Until recently I didn’t see the value to business. It was pointed out to me that the advantages of IoT not only can save businesses time and money, they can make a customer experience better or save lives.  

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Nate.jpg4 Ways Your Employees Are Stealing From You
By Nate Rohleder, Sales Representative

Your employees are like family. They’ve been there through the good and maybe not-as-good years, you’ve celebrated personal and professional milestones together, and you trust them to help run your business. You would never think that they would be capable of stealing. But... 

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Olga_Headshot_White.jpgIt Won't Happen to Me, Until it Does 
By Olga Detrixhe, Sales Supervisor

You hear it everywhere… Ransomware, hacker attacks, data breaches… Cybersecurity is such a hot topic that we frequently hear new stories, one scarier than the other. Amidst all that, it’s usually the big players that get the media coverage; big national chains like Yahoo, Target, or LinkedIn.

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Dustin.pngWhat? I Thought You Did!
By Dustin Schlaefli, Director of Customer Engagement

It's 8:30 Saturday morning, and my family and I are looking forward to a great weekend with friends at the lake. We were up early, got the truck packed and we are on the road; looking forward to a relaxing weekend. My wife nudges me and asks “Did you shut the garage door”? My immediate response, “No, I thought you did”!

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If you aren't protecting your valuable data, files and sensitive customer information, you may be opening access to your business to the entire world... Are you ready to do something about it?

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LittleSteve.jpgTech Edge 4.0- How'd We Do?
By Steve Riat, Director of Sales

I am asked many times what Tech Edge is all about and the vision is very simple. To connect people with technology and give them an edge over their competition. 

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Loren_Headshot_white.jpgVirtualization Is Here to Stay
By Loren Von Lintel, Sales Engineer

Shared-usage of computing resources, better known as virtualization, has been a technology staple for a long time.  Back in the 1960’s, IBM developed a system to time-share their mainframe computing power to their customers.  IBM posited that their mainframe resources could see more efficient use...

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