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You Got Bumped

You have come to rely on Nex-Tech for our state-of-the-art technology and reliability. We are excited to announce that we are yet again, investing in YOU our customers! Starting February 1st, we will begin increasing Internet speeds for all residential and business fiber customers. What does that mean for you? Better reliability, less buffering, ability to use multiple devices at the same time and more.


This change also provides additional benefits called symmetrical speeds. This means that your upload speed will be increased to match your download speeds. This benefit is unmatched, and Nex-Tech is proud to be pioneering this technology. You will experience faster downloading times, for when you are streaming your favorite movies or just managing multiple devices on your home network. Faster uploading times when you are adding the latest family photos to your computer to share or viewing security camera footage from the day’s events. No matter how you make use of your Internet, welcome to life in the new symmetrical fast lane!