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WHY WE LOVE TV NOW (and you will, too!)

In September, Nex-Tech introduced a new way to watch TV service and we have to admit, we might be in love. It’s a completely new way to watch TV.  We can't choose just one reason to love it, so we'll share them all.

First of all, it's so easy to watch. All you need is a streaming device and a Nex-Tech Fiber Internet connection. No cable boxes or installation technicians are required.

The free features are also amazing. TV Now includes free DVR and HD. It also has free Replay TV and Restart TV. These cool features let you go back in the guide, up to one week in the past, to watch a show that already aired, or start something over that’s already begun. Never miss the beginning of a show or movie again! TV Now also includes three streams so you can watch three different programs on three different devices. With the free features TV Now includes and the free streams, many customers are saving nearly $20 each month.

TV Now also offers exceptional viewing flexibility. Anywhere you have Nex-Tech Wi-Fi and power, you can watch TV. Your deck, yard, or even garage can be your new favorite TV watching spot. You can even access the Nex-Tech TV Now app on your smartphone to watch live TV or view/schedule DVR recordings.

It's also really easy to sign up for or switch to TV Now. Nex-Tech Internet customers can add TV Now instantly with the all new my.nex-tech.com. You can also call or visit your local Nex-Tech store to sign up.

To learn more about this awesome new way to watch TV, visit www.nex-tech.com/TVNow or stop by one of your local stores.