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A Bird's Eye View: Producing an Episode of "World's Greatest!..."

When producers of the “World’s Greatest!...” TV series contacted me in early 2021 to determine if Nex-Tech would be a good fit for the show they were producing about providing fiber in rural areas, I was so excited by the opportunity to showcase our company and everything that makes it great. With this goal in mind, our Nex-Tech team embarked upon a six-month journey to produce the episode that recently aired on Bloomberg TV and that can now be viewed online.

The first stage of the process involved several interviews with the “World’s Greatest!...” team and submitting examples of our work demonstrating that our company accomplishes some of the best work in our industry and provides the best technology available. The “World’s Greatest!...” producers recognized Nex-Tech’s dedication to technological innovation in our community and selected us for a segment.

Upon receiving the news, our team kicked it into high-gear and began to coordinate with the “World’s Greatest!...” production team. They created a detailed script, designed to showcase all the aspects of Nex-Tech that make it a truly great company. At the same time, our Nex-Tech team prepared for the video shoot by arranging locations and individuals to film.

When the big day in October finally arrived, our two teams were able to join talent and effort to record the episode you can watch today. Though the final video runs just over three minutes in length, it was a long and busy 11-hour day of filming. Ultimately, the day further underscored the importance of what Nex-Tech provides to Northwest and North Central Kansas. Our fiber technology helps communities thrive and grow by keeping them connected and competitive. We are extremely grateful to the team from “World’s Greatest!...” and their willingness to join efforts with the fantastic and hard-working Nex-Tech employees.

We are so excited to be able to share with our community what makes Nex-Tech one of the “World’s Greatest!...” companies in the telecommunications industry. If you haven’t checked out the free episode on our website, it’s definitely worth the watch: https://www.nex-tech.com/About/Worlds-Greatest.aspx