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Password Security Tips

It seems like every new website you visit wants you to create an account with a password. It's also getting harder. You can't use your favorite one very often, because of all the unique rules for each entity. Not to mention it's a really bad idea.

Amy Normandin, the Nex-Tech Help Desk Manager, has been making short videos with tips and reminders about password security. Here are six things to keep in mind about your passwords.

•Make the password complex. Make it a long, nonsense phrase with numbers, symbols and both uppercase and lowercase letters.

•Keep it secret. Don't tell anyone. It might be easier to give it to someone you trust, but don't relent. You lose accountability, and it may get shared even further.

•Use it only once. Hackers know people are often tempted to use the same username and password over and over. They'll try it on every site they can think of.

•Never enter your password on a public computer or public Wi-Fi. These computers may be infected or on a compromised network.

•Don't fall for phishing. No one should ever ask an end user for their password. If they do, assume they are an attacker.

•Protect your computer from malware.

For more hints, please visit https://www.nex-tech.com/Business/SolutionsProducts/Cybersecurity/DataProtectionTips.aspx.