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Cozi is like a personal assistant for the entire family, and its top feature is the calendar. Each person has a color that codes who the calendar entry is for. You can see a summary of the schedule for each day and Cozi will remind you to keep on track. Check it anytime from any device.

If you love lists, Cozi also has that feature. Your to-do list can integrate with your calendar so you see your tasks and appointments all at once. Quickly add things to your shopping list as you think of them, and send it to your spouse with one click when you find out they’ve made an unplanned trip to the store.

There are other handy resources in the Cozi app. There’s a place to save your favorite recipes that you can access from anywhere (and add the ingredients to your shopping list). There are even ideas for easy dinners when you are feeling stuck in a rut.

Cozi has also included a family journal feature to keep pictures and notes quickly and easily. You choose how to share each entry with family.

Best of all, everyone in the family can access the same information so everything is as up-to-date and accessible as possible.

If you follow Cozi on Facebook, you can try to win the “Small Victory Fridays” contest and get a year’s access to an even more feature-rich version at no charge.