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New Year, New Devices: Top Technology Trends for 2022

The new year is close upon us…. With this new year comes a transition to new forms of technology. 2022 marks a time for development of trends that began years ago and have been accelerated by recent shifts towards greater interconnectivity from remote locations. These trends also reflect societal values and changes in machine learning.

Based upon the curation of content from Forbes, Twice, IEEE Computer Society, and Wired, we’ve produced a list of the top technology trends on the horizon for your new year. Here’s to 2022 and these advances:

Greater Integration of Artificial Intelligence

From smart phones to smart refrigerators and even smart homes, our lives are daily becoming more intertwined with artificial intelligence (AI). The term “smart” reflects the idea of a device that is powered by AI. According to Forbes, AI is the result of machine learning algorithms.

These algorithms are consistently gathering more information, especially as we connect greater numbers of devices to our home networks. In fact, an article by Twice states that the upcoming 2022 Consumer Electronics Show boasts exhibits featuring smart home devices that help to foster greater connectivity among smart devices such as phones, thermostats, security devices, and more.

The IEEE CS 2022 technical report suggests that machine learning will extend beyond physical devices by working within search engines for improved results. Twice also predicts that 2022 will see more devices equipped with AI that includes facial recognition, voice assistance, language translation, and more.

A host of holiday gifts that require Internet connectivity only add to the load that home networks must bear daily. Thus, the second technological trend for 2022 arises out of the need for more speed.

Increasing Connectivity on Faster Internet Speeds

The IEEE CS 2022 technical report suggests that greater wireless and broadband connectivity is one of the drivers of technological change in 2022. It’s a fact that the average home today has more than 10 devices connected to its home network. It’s not uncommon to step into a home connected with laptops and desktop computers, smart TVs and appliances, smart phones, security systems, and personal assistants. What’s more, many individuals spend at least seven hours a day online with these devices.

This increased connectivity is made simple by what the IEEE CS 2022 technical report calls “seamless networking.” The technology allows for quick transitions between devices and is enabled in part by a powerful Wi-Fi connection.

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While this connectivity may be inspired by the technology itself, a third trend for the new year arises out of societal motivators.

Strides in Sustainability

Another prediction pronounced by several sources is the trend towards greater awareness regarding clean energy consumption. According to an article by Wired, advances in sustainability may result in greater use of electric cars, LEDs, smart grids and cities, and a variety of other environmentally friendly changes.

Twice underscored this prediction with the announcement that TuSimple will host an exhibit of self-driving trucks at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show. This company is leading the industry towards lower costs and greater reliability and capacity and is reducing its carbon footprint along the way.

Similarly, Chevy will be introducing the Silverado E, the company’s newest all electric Silverado. This vehicle will further reduce carbon emissions with its 400 mile range (Twice). Electric vehicles won’t be the only strides in sustainability for 2022. According to FORBES, new energy sources are also on the horizon.

Despite the forecasts offered by these sources, predictions are just that: predictions. While any trends are subject to change, the outlook for 2022 promises to be one of increased integration of artificial intelligence, greater levels of connectivity, and progressing sustainability. To explore the trends further, read more from these sources:

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