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The way people watch TV has changed. Many are abandoning their cable boxes and wiring in favor of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime TV. That’s why we’re excited to introduce TV Now, Nex-Tech’s app-based TV option. What makes it better than Netflix or Sling is that you get all of your local news, weather, and sports, in addition to all the networks you currently enjoy. All you need is a fast, fiber Internet connection and a streaming device like Android, Apple, Amazon or Roku.

There’s so much more to love with TV Now. It includes HD and DVR for free! TV Now also has a fantastic new feature called Replay TV that lets you go back in the guide up to a week to watch the shows you missed. Similarly, Restart TV allows you to start a program over from the beginning, so if you find a great movie in the guide but it’s half over, you can simply select it to restart.

With no wiring, your TV Now allows you to be unleashed! Put all of your televisions in the living room for your football viewing party or set up your TV in the backyard for an outdoor movie night. It’s totally up to you!

There are money-saving packages to choose from, starting at just $30 per month. View the lineups at nex-tech.com/TVNow.

Current Nex-Tech customers with 10 Mbps or faster Internet can sign up in the near future.
Learn more or even sign up at nex-tech.com/TVnow when the service launches.