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How the Wi-Fi Manager Helped Me

Wi-Fi has advanced over the past couple of decades and has made its way into homes and businesses. With the advancement of wireless networks comes the challenge of managing them. The great news is that it no longer has to be a huge hassle because of the Wi-Fi Manager app provided by Nex-Tech.

Before I downloaded the app, I had to ask myself why I needed to manage my Wi-Fi. As someone who understood very little about how Wi-Fi worked, I decided to do my own research.

I found that there are several issues that can negatively affect a Wi-Fi network. Here are very common problems that can often occur when having a wireless network:

  • Slow or no internet access in certain locations that should have coverage
  • Slow internet speed
  • Wi-Fi unavailable notifications
  • Disconnection from internet every so often
  • Wi-Fi network being unprotected and unencrypted

The list of issues made me recall occasions when I was frustrated and had to Google "Why is my Wi-Fi not working?" I downloaded the Nex-Tech Wi-Fi Manager not long after that thought, and it took me less than two minutes to set up my whole system. That's quite the convenience.

The Wi-Fi manager app has helped me address and resolve issues a lot faster than before. It gave me the ability to easily link my devices and see which devices are on my network. Another great feature I discovered was the ability to create a guest network and connect anyone who needed access with a single tap on the app.

With Wi-Fi Manager, not only was I able to manage devices on my network, I was also able to manage my network speeds and coverage making it easier to find a solution if my internet stopped working. As a user myself, I encourage others to head over to Apple App Store or Google Store to download the app and enjoy the convenience, too.