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Why wait until the new year to start your running program? A great app to help you get in the mood to run for Halloween is “Zombies, Run!” It’s a role-playing game and fitness app all in one. Use your headphones on your run to hear your mission and music. When you’re chased by zombies, you have to speed up. Along the way, you can collect virtual supplies to help you survive. Track your runs and share your progress with other survivors online. Users claim that the story keeps them motivated to run longer than usual.

When the smiley faces don’t feel personal enough, "Bitmoji" steps up. Create your own cartoon avatar based on your physical features and style. Your avatar is automatically added to a huge library of images that express just what you are wanting to say. Use the images anywhere on the web!

“What’s for dinner?” Is there a question we all dread more? Probably, but it’s still pretty hard to answer. Get culinary inspiration, recipes, step-by-step photo instructions and videos—all for free with"Kitchen Stories." A useful surprise feature? Change the number of people you are cooking for, and the recipe automatically changes the amounts of each ingredient for the ideal serving size. Users love the clean, beautiful and polished design and high quality graphics.