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Did you get any new devices during the holidays (maybe a new tablet or an extra Fire Stick for the patio TV)? Let's face it. We all have more devices than ever, and we are using them in more places than ever. More types of services are delivered through the Internet, which requires more bandwidth, and we want to use them in more areas of our homes. We just want so much more!

Nex-Tech Premium Wi-Fi is the newest solution to experience more with your Internet connection, and make it possible for your family to live better.

Maybe you've wanted Premium Wi-Fi for a long time, and you've tried a Wi-Fi extender. What's the difference? Extenders actually create new, separate networks with separate authentications, even if you make the username and password the same as on your router. As you move through the house, you drop from one connection to the other, causing a brief, but noticeable lapse in your streaming. Maybe your extender drops your connection altogether, and you're not sure whether to reboot the extender or the router, so you try unplugging them both. 

Instead of creating an additional network, Premium Wi-Fi actually enlarges your existing network. You remain connected seamlessly from one part of your home to another, on the very same network.

Premium Wi-Fi can also be set up without waiting for, or paying for, professional installation. You can pick up your equipment, called an "access point," at your local office. You may need one or more. Once you get home, simply call the help desk, and in about 30 minutes, a representative will remotely configure the access point and assist you in determining its optimal location, so you can continue enjoying your reliable, secure and fast Nex-Tech Internet connection in places you'd only dreamed of before. The easy-to-use LED lights on the access point help indicate when you find the most ideal placement, without weakening the signal.

Nex-Tech Premium Wi-Fi is just $6 per month, per access point. A subscription to Protection Plus is required. For more information, visit nex-tech.com/premiumwifi or call 877.625.7872.