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 Communications services have really come a long way, especially in recent years. While voice/phone service is a core service for Nex-Tech, the way it is delivered today is quite varied. We can provide traditional phone service, Cloud Voice, or mobile voice (through our affiliation with Nex-Tech Wireless). All options are state-of-the-art services. But, when you expand communications beyond a phone call, you can truly see where things are becoming very different. The Internet has launched many new ways to communicate. Some of these new options are voice or video based, and others are more text based. In many ways, voice service is becoming an application (App) over an Internet connection. Our local youth have already made this transition, as I learn from my high school and junior high daughters. Sounds a bit futuristic to those of us that remember party lines, but there are benefits to this evolution in areas such as telemedicine and distance learning.

Our focus at Nex-Tech has been to deploy the best possible network to support the constantly growing need for broadband in our service area. We have consistently added fiber optic infrastructure across our footprint, equating to millions of dollars of network investment, each year. As the need for greater broadband capacity increases, Nex-Tech is in a great position to serve its customers.

I have family on both coasts of the United States, some living in urban or suburban neighborhoods and some living out in very rural areas. Whenever I visit, I’m always reminded of how much we have accomplished in northwest and north central Kansas to provide outstanding communications services. Much like when I am on the road for a business meeting, I cannot wait to get home to the amazing services we offer.

This is due to the incredible Nex-Tech Team of which I am honored to be a part. This team truly offers incredible customer service as well as some of the best communications services in the world. Sadly, I have heard on occasion, a complaint that Nex-Tech has “grown too fast” and “doesn’t care about its customers.” I am shocked whenever I hear this because I’ve lived in many places across our great nation, and I have yet to find a place that provides better services and customer service than what is provided by the Nex-Tech Team. This is due in part to the investments being made in infrastructure, but more so, it is due to the fact that the team at Nex-Tech truly cares about its customers and the communities we serve. I hope you really believe that is true.

Jimmy Todd, CEO/General Manager