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Tip from Our Help Desk: Test Your Bandwidth

Nex-Tech’s Help Desk responds to issues involving the internet, Wi-Fi, phone, and a variety of other inquiries. They have an expert team of 20 employees that provide services to residentials and to the company. With over a hundred calls a day, a common question from customers often involves their Wi-Fi connection.

We’ve all experienced the frustration of bad connections while surfing the internet and often find ourselves not knowing how to take control of the problem. Our Help Desk is here to share some helpful tips on how to manage your Wi-Fi through our app by using the bandwidth feature.

With our recent release of the Wifi Manager app, the Help Desk encourages Nex-Tech internet users to take advantage of the benefits of being able to manage your Wi-Fi from your phone.

The app will allow you to perform a bandwidth test right on your phone to give you an insight into how fast your internet speed is. This test will run first between your connected system and the internet. If you have a mesh unit, it will then conduct a test between your mesh and the main system.

A test signal is sent to the nearest Speed Test server in your area and returns results to your app as a notification update and will also show in various locations throughout the app. Knowing that your network is operating as expected doesn’t get any easier.

We provide the services to make your internet experience the most efficient and enjoyable one you can have. For more information about the app visit NEX-TECH.COM/WIFIMANAGER or contact the HELP DESK at 877.625.7872