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Mar 22, 2022 12:30:00 PM

Capitalizing on the QR Code Comeback

In the era of contactless options, QR codes are making their comeback. Recently, you may have noticed a resurgence of QR codes connecting consumers to a variety of content options that, as Design Shack documents, range from restaurant menus to apps, to coupons, to event sign-ups (Cousins, 2021).

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Feb 15, 2022 12:30:00 PM

What in the World is the Metaverse? Get Answers to Three Key Questions

You’ve got a busy day planned. First, you have 9:00 a.m. breakfast with your sister in Germany. Then it’s off to Japan for your 11:15 a.m. business meeting. However, you’re most looking forward to the end of the workday when you head to New York City for a concert performed by your favorite artist.

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Jan 12, 2022 2:30:00 PM

A Bird's Eye View: Producing an Episode of "World's Greatest!..."

When producers of the “World’s Greatest!...” TV series contacted me in early 2021 to determine if Nex-Tech would be a good fit for the show they were producing about providing fiber in rural areas, I was so excited by the opportunity to showcase our company and everything that makes it great. With this goal in mind, our Nex-Tech team embarked upon a six-month journey to produce the episode that recently aired on Bloomberg TV and that can now be viewed online.

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Dec 29, 2021 2:00:00 PM

New Year, New Devices: Top Technology Trends for 2022

The new year is close upon us…. With this new year comes a transition to new forms of technology. 2022 marks a time for development of trends that began years ago and have been accelerated by recent shifts towards greater interconnectivity from remote locations. These trends also reflect societal values and changes in machine learning.

Based upon the curation of content from Forbes, Twice, IEEE Computer Society, and Wired, we’ve produced a list of the top technology trends on the horizon for your new year. Here’s to 2022 and these advances:

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Dec 10, 2021 9:56:54 AM

Geek Gifts 2021


With Christmas just around the corner, the ideas for gifts are endless. This year Steve Rait is excited to show off his geeky tech side by sharing his favorite gift ideas for 2021. In this year’s Geek Gifts video, Steve challenges his ability to stick with the trends by co-hosting with a recent college graduate, Nancy Vasquez.

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Nov 24, 2021 12:30:00 PM

Your Internet Is Not Your Wi-Fi. Here's Why.

The Internet and Wi-Fi: two aspects of modern life that we often take for granted. From work, to home, to play, the Internet affects nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Yet few of us take time to consider either of these technologies themselves. Many of us even think that Internet and Wi-Fi are the same thing. Contrary to this misconception, the terms are not synonymous.

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Nov 22, 2021 12:30:00 PM

Learn Why Nex-Tech is the Best of the Best!

Nex-Tech is the Best of the Best, three times over! Thanks to our loyal customers, Nex-Tech has been voted #1 for Internet, Cable, and Home Security in the Hays Daily News Best of the Best Awards.

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Nov 10, 2021 7:30:00 AM

How the Wi-Fi Manager Helped Me

Wi-Fi has advanced over the past couple of decades and has made its way into homes and businesses. With the advancement of wireless networks comes the challenge of managing them. The great news is that it no longer has to be a huge hassle because of the Wi-Fi Manager app provided by Nex-Tech.

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