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Windows 7 End-of-Life is Coming. Here is What You Need to do NOW!

Posted by Olga Detrixhe on Sep 11, 2019 8:42:15 AM

There’s a Windows 7 countdown clock here incessantly ticking toward January 14, 2020. And that’s when PCs running Windows 7, Server 2008 and 2008 R2, and Exchange 2010 no longer get Microsoft system updates, patches or support.

First—Check Systems to See if You Are Running Windows 7 Machines.

  1. Professionally managed? Have that conversion conversation with your provider.
  2. Self-managed systems? Confirm now. Here’s how:
    1. Link to a :25 video on how to check:,
    2. or a link to Microsoft support instructions:

Second—Two Update Options

  1. Upgrade the operating system.
    1. PRO: seems like the cheaper option
    2. CON: may cost you more in the long run if your PC is older than 1 year. Also, installation fee can be as much as a new install.
  2. Or you can buy a new machine.
    1. PRO: you get brand-new technology
    2. CON: can be costly up-front. Check with your IT provider for monthly options that can include upgrading hardware.

While the first option seems like the less expensive one, that is not always the case long-term. While the upgrade license itself is only $199.99 (download available at, the install can be tricky and may require your current PC to be re-formatted. In the end, you may pay the same for the upgrade as you would to install a brand-new machine. Keep in mind that the life cycle of a PC is 3 years, so if you are halfway there it may be worth upgrading to a new machine.

THIRD—Create a Time Frame and Budget.

Don't wait until Q4 to get everything lined up to switch out your PCs. Start the process now by contacting your trusted IT partner to see what they recommend for you. Traditionally a new PC, including accessories and installation, starts around $1,500 and you should plan about 4 weeks for the transition to allow for equipment to be ordered and the project to be scheduled. And that's after you've given the marching orders, so allow yourself some time for the decision-making process as well.

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