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Why We Focus on Partners, Not Vendors

Posted by Olga Detrixhe on Mar 15, 2018 2:37:13 PM

by Olga Detrixhe and Kathy Marihugh

Here at Nex-Tech we work with many different manufacturers, vendors and distributors to deliver the most cutting-edge and relevant technology to you. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have a history of long-standing and deep relationships with our vendors, and that they are much more than vendors – they are truly partners. That means we work together beyond ordering and delivering; we have a stake in each other’s success and collaborate to achieve the best outcomes. Through that, we get the honor to be invited as members to serve on advisory boards to help shape the solutions that are most relevant for you, our customers.


One of those recent advisory boards is the advisory board for SonicWall, our partner for firewalls and network security, and I interviewed Kathy Marihugh as she recently returned from their annual meeting.


O: Kathy, tell us a little bit about the SonicWall Advisory Board.

K: The Advisory Board for SonicWall engages key partners in a highly-focused manner to discuss all things SonicWall, from the product set and technical matters to the relationship to the vision and strategy for the industry. It’s a great way to connect with SonicWall, give some feedback and be truly listened to. It’s also great for us to connect with other companies across the nation doing similar things and learning from each other.


O: How did Nex-Tech become a member?

K: You have to be invited to become a member and since we have had a very strong relationship with SonicWall, our local representatives asked us to partake, along with 24 other partners across the nation.


O: Wow, that is fantastic. What did you guys discuss?

K: Everything related to our partnership! SonicWall really wanted our feedback on how the product is working for us from a technical standpoint, for example, features we’re missing, things we really like or that could be improved. I brought along very detailed notes from our tech team for ideas and suggestions. It was great to see how excited the SonicWall Engineers were to receive those. It shows that they truly value our input and that Nex-Tech (and our end users) help shape the technologies of the future! We also dove into a great discussion about what’s on the horizon in the industry.


O: Now you got us curious – can you tell us more?

K: The biggest things that we all see, and SonicWall specifically addressed, are cloud services and cybersecurity. Although firewalls have traditionally been a hardware-driven solution, SonicWall is staying at the forefront of developing cloud-based solutions, such as virtual firewalls, etc. It’s exciting to see this innovation and think ahead of how we can continue to innovate for our customers.


O: Obviously, firewalls are huge when it comes to Cybersecurity – can you tell us what the conversation there was?

K: As you mentioned, network security has always been SonicWall’s bread and butter, but they have really stepped up their game to combat some of the latest threats with the suite of Advanced Services, including things like Deep Packet Inspection and Sandboxing. There is an immense focus on research and development to continue to stay ahead of the curve. The other interesting thing they shared was that over 45 percent of business executives today struggle with a shortage of cybersecurity skills. As a result, the demand for managed security services is growing at explosive rates and that calls for strong partners like us that know their customers and can help educate and guide through the Cybersecurity jungle.


O: It’s really great to see such a strong partnership and what it can do for folks on the front lines! Thank you for sharing Kathy!


If you would like to learn more about SonicWall, tune in for our April Webinar on April 24th where they will present the findings from their 2018 Threat Report.


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