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When Did I Become a Juggler?

Posted by Lacey Lyne on Apr 19, 2017 3:06:25 PM

Juggle.jpgRunning out the door again this morning, handling my workbag, a diaper bag, a toddler and of course my needed gallon of coffee. Finally get settled in the car, everyone is buckled and off we go for another fun filled day. However, let’s be honest, the chaos of our mornings or life in general are only replaced with our daily job tasks as we enter the doorways of the businesses we own or the companies we work for. 

With the ever-changing platforms in which we advertise our businesses and the services we provide, we have to seek out tools that will assist us to work smarter, not harder. The same statement rings true in your social media marketing efforts.  Programs such as Hootsuite, Sproutsocial and Socialpilot allow you to manage all your social media marketing tasks in one place. Each of these programs can assist you in engaging with your social media audience efficiently, help you simply publish across all social media accounts, and can assist you in mapping your return on investment with specific analytics to the promotions you are doing. Each of these social media schedulers have different tiers of pricing that can work within your budget and offer training on how to use the system to schedule all of your posting through multiple social media platforms. 

So are you ready to put the juggling act away? Regardless of the size of your business operation or the company that you work for remember, there are tools to assist you in making things simpler and more efficient, you just have to decide what juggling act is more important to the bottom line.  

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