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When Dad Let Me Drive

Posted by Doug Kuntz on Oct 13, 2017 9:20:05 AM

Old Truck Photo.jpgIt was the summer of 1974 when my parents packed up my younger brother, sister and I and moved to my dad’s family farm.  It was a well-established, smaller farm and ranch, but grandpa had to retire and needed someone to take it over.  Dad was a mechanic for many years with the gas company.  His skills and “I can fix it” attitude just made sense that we would move.

That would be the first winter in which we would feed cattle, and Dad would need a driver while he tossed feed off the back to the cows.  I was only 7 years old and could barely touch the pedals when dad asked me to drive.

It was a 1970 green Dodge Power Wagon, manual transmission and four-wheel drive that grandpa had purchased new.  Dad would tell me to put it in super low, give it a little gas and slowly slip the clutch until we started moving.  As you can probably imagine, it took many tries and lots of patience from dad before I would eventually master driving.  He would say follow the draw and when you get to the end turn around and come back.  My dad has since retired, but he still has the old Dodge.

The old Dodge doesn’t get used as much as it did in 1974, but it is still in the family and can still transport a bunch of pheasant hunters to the field on opening day.  Unlike that old Dodge that can still tow a load, aging CALEA equipment can put the whole “Farm” at risk.  A majority of the CALEA equipment in service today is nearing 10 years old and at its end of life.  If you are in doubt of your CALEA equipment, its nearing end of life or you feel you’re paying too much for the service; please contact me, Doug Kuntz, at 785-621-2974 or via email at  Nex-Tech has new CALEA probes that support up to 10 Gig Intercepts and IPv6 capable.

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