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What's Old is New Again (Well, Mostly New, But Also Old-ish)

Posted by Darren Walters on Nov 10, 2017 11:18:51 AM



I realize the title of this article may be a bit confusing, but it is true.  Voice over IP, or VoIP, is not new technology.  Nex-Tech has been deploying various IP based voice technologies for around 15 years.  Also, the concept of “Cloud” is not new either.  (I will admit, however that when it comes to cloud computing, cloud storage, and data applications via the cloud, those services ARE relatively new). But, the conceptual idea that an off-site voice processing core delivering quality, managed voice services to business users across a variety of transmission media is at the foundation of what has helped make Nex-Tech successful over the past 50+ years.

In simple terms, Nex-Tech has been providing “telco grade” voice services via its multiple secured, redundant, central offices for decades.  When we married this tried and true mechanism with the flexibility and feature-rich capabilities of VoIP, a powerful business offering was born.  At the center of our business grade Cloud Voice offerings is our “Cloud Phone” service.  Cloud Phone gives businesses the features and functionality they demand, while controlling expenses with competitive monthly rates and no up-front expenditures.  Alongside our Cloud Phone service is our SIP Trunk service.  SIP Trunks are an IP based, multi-line phone service replacement for traditional POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines.  SIP trunks are an affordable alternative to traditional business phone lines that can be used in conjunction with many existing premise-based PBX-style phone systems.  The third part of our powerful Cloud Voice “triad” is our newly launched “Cloud Fax” service.  Cloud Fax gives customers a much needed, long awaited, electronic fax machine and fax line replacement.  Incoming faxes are captured and converted to PDF files and emailed to a specified address or addresses.  Outgoing faxes originate from customer documents and are transmitted via our core and verified for receipt.

Long story short, Nex-Tech has worked hard to marry “old-school” reliability and quality to new, “cutting-edge” VoIP services in an effort to move our business customers ahead of their competition.  Our main focus is to evaluate a customer’s current technology and recommend a new, cost effective solution that maximizes functionality, as well as minimizes expenses.  If you would like to learn more about these powerful Cloud Voice services, please contact your local Account Representative or visit  AND!  Be on the lookout for local “lunch and learn” events highlighting these amazing services in your area in the first quarter of 2018.

Learn more about Nex-Tech's cloud phone solution.                 

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