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Weathering the Storm

Posted by Doug Kuntz on Jul 11, 2018 4:23:24 PM

On May 18, 2018, the small town of Quinter, KS, which my wife and I call home, weathered a storm like none I have seen before.  Being a Kansas native all my life, we always talk about our extreme weather.  We often say if you don’t like the weather, wait 20 minutes it will change.

That evening’s storm arrived with plenty of notification.  The weatherman had predicted large hail and high winds in our area.  As a volunteer firefighter and storm spotter, I checked in with our Fire Chief letting him know I had a front row seat of the storm rolling in from my backyard.  I live on the west edge of town and have an open field to the west, giving us 10 miles or more visibility of the horizon.

My wife and I were both in the backyard watching the clouds for rotation to warn the town of possible tornadic activity, when we heard the storm arrive.  What we heard wasn’t strong winds or tornadic type activity, but large hail hitting steel buildings that were across the field a quarter mile to the North.  At first it sounded like a gun being fired, but quickly increased to a loud roar.  Shortly after realizing this must be hail, we started seeing golf ball size hail falling from the sky in our own yard.  We watched helpless for what seemed like forever as the storm left its mark on our small town.  After 45 minutes of golf ball size hail and 5 1/2 inches of rain, the storm subsided and we could assess the damage.  Vehicles that were exposed to the storm were totaled, trees stripped of their foliage, newly planted gardens flattened and almost every roof in town was a complete loss.


The next day, as in any small community, we saw neighbors helping each other clean up the debris left behind, but what we didn’t expect to see was the floods of out-of-state vehicles with fluorescent roofing decals offering “Free Estimates” to replace our damaged roofs almost like vultures circling a dead animal. 

As I write this story, more than a month after the storm, I can tell you not all roofing companies have your best interest in mind.  The local companies that know they will have to stand by their product stop shingling as soon as the roof becomes too hot so not to damage the newly laid shingles.  The fly by night companies work as fast as they can with what appears to be no regard for quality of work.  They take your money and plan on getting out of town as fast as they can, never to be seen again.

Unlike those fly by night roofers, Nex-Tech is a telecommunications service provider itself and a peer in the industry you can trust.  As a Trusted Third Party of CALEA services for many years, we want you to know you can count on us to provide your CALEA Intercept request and at an affordable rate.  If you haven’t reviewed your CALEA services since first mandated in 2006, please contact me, Doug Kuntz, at 785-621-2974 or via email at

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