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Minimum Specs May Not Be Enough

Posted by Mark St.Peter on Feb 19, 2016 1:58:34 PM

Recently, my son came to me and asked if I would get him a laptop.  I think, for the most part, he really wanted it for Minecraft and other games, but he could also use it for school.  He started to do some research on his own and found a couple of different options.  We looked at Chromebooks, Windows devices, and more.  I didn’t want to spend a whole lot, but also wanted to make sure I got something that was going to work.  I had an idea in my head of what specs he needed, but the options we were looking at were less than those.  We did our research together to find what operating system worked with his games, what the minimum specs were compared to the recommended specs, and what the prices were on each of them.  After much debate, we finally made a decision and purchased a laptop with the minimum specs knowing that it may not work the way he was hoping.

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5 Reasons Digital Marketing is a Good Fit for Your Business

Posted by Kristin Herl on Jan 11, 2016 11:36:21 AM

Regardless if your business is small, medium or large, digital marketing can help you reach your financial goals. When most people think of digital marketing, they just think about social media. It is much more than that. It encompasses every avenue you can use to promote your brand using electronic media. More and more people turn to their smartphone, computer or tablet when making a purchasing decision. If they can’t find you, they can’t buy from you.

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How Much Wi-Fi Do I Need...Is My Wi-Fi Broken?

Posted by Steve Riat on Dec 9, 2015 11:00:00 AM

I remember when I first had wireless in my house.  I had that brand new 802.11 B radio that did very well covering my entire house and I was ecstatic to use my laptop without a wire!  Over a decade later, I now have upgraded my wireless several times along the way and found myself with the fastest slow wireless around?  What do I mean?  From the specifications, I should be able to do about a gig speed through wireless, yet in my kid’s bedrooms, the iPads barely pull YouTube videos and many times I cannot connect, yet I still have a good signal?

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Top 11 Tips on Giving a Great Presentation

Posted by Steve Riat on Oct 26, 2015 10:55:56 AM

Having found myself presenting over 30 times in the last year, I spent quite a lot of time finding ways to enhance my presentations.  Below are my top 11 tips on giving a great presentation:

  1. Have a tablet in front of you with alarge display of either a count down or of the time. One thing that I continuously see is that presenters either don’t start on time or don’t stop on time.  And of course, the presenter that gets halfway done with only a few minutes left then hurries through the remainder and goes over on time.  Many times this throws off an event or simply irritates all those in the room.  Stay on time!  I have tried to use the clicker that has the timer, but it has been a distraction.  So, I use the most expensive timer I can think of…the iPad.


  1. Use Graphic Interface Format (.gif) instead of static pictures. These are small videos without the play button, they just start and repeat.  At least it is different and many people have not seen this technique used.  It is easy to make your own, but be careful not to use copyrighted images!


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30 Days and Counting with the Apple Watch

Posted by Steve Riat on Jul 23, 2015 10:00:00 AM

So I now have worn the Apple Watch for a month and have started to utilize more functions it has to offer.  If you didn’t see my first impressions see it HERE.  I am still impressed with the build quality of the watch.  Well put together, light and easy to put on. 

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Five Must-Follow Twitter Accounts

Posted by Zach Woolf on Jun 9, 2015 8:00:00 AM


Since the beginning, Twitter has been dismissed by people saying the “micro-blogging” site is simply a place for people to give a minute by minute update of their life.

8:03 a.m.-Running late for work. What’s with all the traffic?? 

8:07 a.m.-Scored front row parking! #blessed

8:15 a.m.- If you empty the coffee pot, start a new brew. 

While there might be some validity to that statement, for most, Twitter has become so much more. Users have organized to topple governments, received up-to-the-minute breaking news updates, connected with their favorite celebrities, teams and brands. Plus, if you are looking for a good laugh, Twitter has that too. 

With so many accounts out there, which should you be following to make your Twitter experience the best it possibly can be? Here are five that will help kickstart your timeline to make you want to constantly check back throughout the day.

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Why Is My Internet So Slow?

Posted by Jenny Leiker on May 20, 2015 11:17:15 AM


Have you ever thought about how many things in your home are connected to the Internet? Netflix, video game consoles, tablets, smartphones, laptops, thermostats, the list goes on and on. Did you know that the average home has nearly six devices Internet connected devices?  All these gadgets could be duking it out for your bandwidth, and unfortunately, you might be the loser! To come out on top, you must figure out the right Internet speed for your home. If your speed is too slow, your devices and experience will certainly suffer! Fortunately, figuring out the right speed is easier than ever. Just start by answering yes or no to the following questions:

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10 of the Most Bingeable TV Shows

Posted by Kristin Herl on Apr 22, 2015 10:43:00 AM

Photo courtesy of

The days of having to wait to see what happens next are over. Whether you subscribe to a streaming service like Netflix, have on demand content from your TV service provider or just set your DVR and wait until the season is over, you know that there is nothing more satisfying than watching episode after espisode of your favorite series.

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How to Watch TV Online or On Your Cell

Posted by Jenny Leiker on Apr 1, 2015 3:16:57 PM

Take your cable TV service with you by watching on your cell phone!

The way we watch TV has transformed more in the last 5 years than the 50 before it. No longer are we confined to our couches, watching our favorite programs at scheduled times. Now many cable TV subscribers have the ability to watch TV service from their cell phone, tablet, or laptop. Entertain your children while on the road, catch up on your favorite show at the gym or enjoy sitting on your patio while watching TV outside. TV service has gone mobile and taking your TV service with you is easier than you think. Now you can watch TV on your cell phone, tablet, laptop... just about anything with wi-fi. It's easy too! Simply follow these steps that show you how to watch TV online!

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How to Pick a Winning Bracket

Posted by Kristin Herl on Mar 10, 2015 10:15:52 AM


Now is the time to start signing up for the various NCAA men's basketball tournament brackets in hopes that this year you will find the recipe for bracket success. With so many contests, you can try a different strategy for each one you sign up for. Here are some of my favorites:

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