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How Pioneer Connect’s Fiber Campaign Plan Became a Big Deal

Posted by Nancy Vasquez on Sep 9, 2021 3:36:04 PM

Modern technology such as fiber, is an innovation meant to improve the experience for everyday broadband users. Introducing fiber to a community needs a plan that executes steps in creating content to educate consumers, and Pioneer Connect did just that with the support of Nex-Tech’s Advertising Solutions Team. Their fiber campaign plan focused on the benefits of fiber internet.

In this industry, the education piece about fiber can turn into an increased understanding from customers on why the investment is being made and an upgraded Internet package on the customer’s part, resulting in more revenue for the company offering fiber.

Since Pioneer Connect’s education focus was on the benefits of fiber broadband, they created a list that could be used for content creation.

Pioneer Connect fiber benefit list:

  • Highest level of internet security- Fiber internet provides the highest level of internet security that you can have, to protect those that matter most, your family.
  • Reliable & weatherproof internet technology- Fiber technology provides a dedicated connection to your home and is the most dependable technology during harsh weather.
  • Fiber internet provides data at the speed of light- Fiber is fast. Leave behind the buffering and enjoying internet that keeps pace with your busy life.
  • Fiber builds a foundation for our area’s future prosperity- It brings big-city speeds to your door—perfect for telehealth, distance learning, working from home, running a business, cloud storage and more!
  • Local people & local service- An expert team that lives and works in your community – you’re not just our customer, you’re our friend and neighbor.

After developing copy, content can be created in forms of video, graphics, social media posts and more. Pioneer Connect found it best to educate consumers about fiber by creating a short video that contains the copy created from their benefit list. By doing this, consumers were able to attain information about fiber in less than two minutes.

Pioneer Connect and Nex-Tech executed their educational plan successfully by choosing a focus, creating copy, and transforming the copy into video content.

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Minutes Matter

Posted by Austin Gagnon on Jul 29, 2021 9:58:19 AM

It was a bright sunny Tuesday morning; the temperatures were warming, and we had just weathered a two-week arctic cold front with temperature lows of -23⁰F. I was traveling west on I-70 towards Quinter, Kansas. Those of you that have driven through Kansas know how straight and flat this part of the country can be. The roads were clear, and my cruise was set. I was enjoying my coffee and nearing Quinter where I was excited to work and learn from Doug Kuntz, Carrier Access Manager at Nex-Tech.

About five miles east of Quinter I received a call from Doug (also a longtime volunteer firefighter) advising that when I got to the office he may not be there, he was on standby for a possible rollover accident. At this point, you may be wondering why they were on standby and not on the way to the accident. The problem was the people involved in the accident did not know the name of the road they were on when they wrecked. As a former volunteer firefighter myself, I also know that when it comes to accidents or fires “Minutes Matter”. Minutes in a fire can be the difference in a small fire vs a giant wildfire, minutes in an accident can sometimes be life and death. As I traveled down the road, I had hoped that everyone was okay.

Two miles outside of Quinter I looked to the north and noticed a vehicle on its top and a person standing next to it. I also noticed that there were no emergency vehicles on site yet as this accident must have happened just moments ago. I quickly called Doug back and let him know that there was a vehicle on its top two miles east of Quinter on a road that went under the interstate. Doug was able to alert the other emergency response team allowing everyone to respond to the appropriate location. Luckily, everyone involved was okay.

As I logged into my computer waiting for Doug to return, I thought about what had just occurred, and I realized that Nex-Tech’s Cordell product line and NOC Cloud Pro solution had some similarities. Just as in accidents and fires “Minutes Matter” in network events. Today’s networks are growing rapidly and there are smaller support staff managing these networks. With the growing complexity of networks, it becomes hard to have eyes on everything, as well as resolve the issues involved. With our Cordell product line, we can add visibility to all your locations, that coupled with our NOC Cloud Pro 24x7 solution, we can provide you the visibility your network needs.

Cordell’s product line can alert you, as well as our Network Operations Center (NOC). For example, if the air conditioner fails in a remote location, we can alert you and contact the appropriate personnel to resolve your cooling problem. When remote locations begin to overheat, minutes can be the difference in fixing an air conditioner or replacing multiple pieces of equipment.

Let Nex-Tech be your first line of defense when “Minutes Matter” in your network. For more information on our Cordell and NOC Cloud Pro solution contact me, Austin Gagnon at785-735-7031 or

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Understanding Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Posted by Austin Gagnon on Jul 7, 2021 10:06:10 AM
SNMP by definition should be simple, but at first glance, SNMP traps can seem anything but. SNMP traps coupled with the right management information base (MIBs) objects, alarm collectors, and monitoring system(s) can provide one of the best views into your network.
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Control Your Destiny Within Your Network

Posted by Seth Ritter on Jul 1, 2021 3:33:00 PM
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Carrier Technology Day 2021 Session Recordings

Posted by Sara Johnson on Jun 30, 2021 3:15:24 PM

NOC — Not just another summer DIY project

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What Toilet Paper Taught Me About Marketing

Posted by Megan Keiswetter on May 5, 2020 11:00:20 AM

While standing in line at the grocery store ready to battle over the last package of toilet paper, I realized that it actually has a lot in common with marketing. Although it sounds absurd, I’m confident that you will soon be a believer too. 

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Are We All Insane?

Posted by Megan Keiswetter on Jul 11, 2018 4:58:04 PM

For years our businesses and services have evolved, but why hasn’t our marketing? Every living creature has to evolve, so shouldn’t our advertising plans? We continuously tell reps to do the same thing we did last year without a flinch. If we understand that times have changed and consumers have altered the way they consume information, why do we keep hitting the repeat button?

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Posted by Aubree Broyles on Mar 15, 2018 2:49:50 PM

Call it Facebook Zero or Facebook Apocalypse. The date was January 11, 2018. The Facebook corporation announced a new focus on bringing people closer together. While this has a feel-good charm to it, what it means for social media marketing is that the goalposts are moving again.

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Google Advertising – Too Intimidating?

Posted by Aubree Broyles on Jan 11, 2018 4:09:02 PM

The type of business you have might gear your marketing efforts in several directions, but there’s one thing we know for sure. Every business should have an online presence, whether you are the local floral shop or a farm implement dealer.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Brand

Posted by Ryan Murphy on Jan 11, 2018 3:15:54 PM

Without a brand, your business is lost. A brand represents how your business looks, feels, acts and behaves. A brand is how you want your business to visually and emotionally present itself to its consumers. You are never too small of a business to need a brand identity, as businesses of all sizes need a brand. Here are 5 quick reasons why your business needs a brand:

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