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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Brand

Posted by Ryan Murphy on Jan 11, 2018 3:15:54 PM

brand.jpgWithout a brand, your business is lost. A brand represents how your business looks, feels, acts and behaves. A brand is how you want your business to visually and emotionally present itself to its consumers. You are never too small of a business to need a brand identity, as businesses of all sizes need a brand. Here are 5 quick reasons why your business needs a brand:

1. A brand gives your business a unique “personality”.

Your business’ brand is essentially its personality. The right brand will communicate that “personality” in a way that makes customers choose you over your competitors – even if they’re offering the same product or service as your business. That personality is communicated in your brand through the use of graphics, colors, words and slogans. Your brand is another key way to make customers want to do business with you and buy your products and/or services.


2. A brand saves you time with future marketing projects.

Each time you choose to market your business, having all of the details of your brand figured out now makes marketing your business that much easier and more effective. Whether it’s a website, a t-shirt for your employees to wear, or a Facebook page to promote your business, with a brand already created you have established the vision of how these should look. When working on various projects to market your business, there is no guessing left for the end-company you are working with to create products or advertising for your company.


3. A brand increases your company value.

Your brand is an asset. Having a successful brand brings financial value to your company and will help increase sales and your customer base. Companies with quality built brands have the ability to charge higher prices, have less competition and stand above their competitors. A strong brand helps a company attract customers, as people buy brands (i.e. products or services) because they evoke feelings of a higher status, greater quality and safer, more reliable products or services.


4. Consistency is king.

Having a brand sends a consistent message to your customer base of who you are and what you do. People like consistency. With a brand that is used consistently, your customers will easily recognize you and consistently be drawn to your business when they need what you sell. This consistency should continue through to logo design, company signs, t-shirts, email marketing, social media campaigns – even the graphics on your company vehicles. A brand strategy ties all the pieces of your business together to present the most cohesive message possible, on a consistent basis.


5. Strong brands build trust.

A strong brand helps a company attract customers, as people buy brands because they evoke feelings of a higher status, greater quality and more reliable products or services. When a brand is able to make an emotional connection with a consumer, something incredibly powerful happens. That connection of trust is psychologically felt when seeing that same brand again. A brand is not solely just about marketing your business, but is a conduit for building relationships, based on trust and good experiences between buyer and seller.


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