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Too Much Information

Posted by Doug Kuntz on Apr 26, 2018 12:23:12 PM

My latest adventure in home automation was the addition of a couple of outdoor cameras.  I had been toying with adding cameras to my home for a while, and was leaning towards Ring’s floodlight camera, which would be an easy install. I would simply be replacing the floodlight in my front yard and a porch light in my backyard.  My hesitation in purchasing the Ring was my attraction to all the other great products Nest offers.  As of right now, my Chamberlain garage door, AcuRite Weather Station and Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller all “Work with Nest”.  After spending some quality time with a Home Automation Consultant, I was sold and walked out with two Nest outdoor cameras under my arm and a wish list of add-on products.

After careful selection of camera placement and connectivity to my Wi-Fi network, I was ready.  I downloaded the Nest App, logged in and worked my way through the many options.  My initial setup included alerts for whenever Nest detected motion or noise.  Now, it was time to test.  I ran outside and jumped up and down waving my arms as if the camera may not see me.  Sure enough, seconds later I received an alert “Motion Detected in Front Yard”.  The app provided me video footage of myself in the front yard just as advertised.

The next several days brought what felt like countless alerts of birds, cats, trees moving, neighbors in their yards, cars passing by and even the tags on my patio chairs flapping in the wind.  After my wife and I both turned our phones to silent before going to bed, so not to be awaken every 30 minutes by alerts, I knew something had to change.


The next day, I setup a geo fence just inside the perimeter of my yard and turned off all alerts except for people within my geo fence.  Nest still records audio and video outside my geo fence, but only alerts us when it detects people in the yard.

Alerts from our Network Monitoring System (NMS) can be a lot like setting up a new camera.  We have the best intentions of wanting to know everything that is going on, but often receive too much Information and find it difficult to sort through the noise. 

Nex-Tech’s 24/7/365 NOC can assist you in filtering through the noise in your network, providing early notification of events that typically go unnoticed, and alerting you before they become service affecting.  To learn more please contact Doug Kuntz at 785-621-2974 or email

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