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The Power of Underdog

Posted by Darren Walters on Jan 11, 2017 4:27:54 PM

I have a black lab named Underdog. He is probably the best dog of all time, just behind Lassie, Old Yeller, and maybe Spuds McKenzie. I also realize that every dog owner thinks their dog is the best, and they are all entitled to their opinions. Underdog has never been on TV and he has never saved anyone stuck in a well, but he has taught me some important lessons, most of which I already knew, but sometimes fail to practice.

When he was born, his mom apparently did not sense his greatness so she buried him next to our garbage cart. It was not long after I dug him up, breathed some air into his little lungs, and cleaned him off, that our bond was set. Underdog was without a doubt, the runt of the litter. He was roughly half the size of his brothers and sisters and when he wasn’t being chewed on by the other dogs, he was usually standing over by the edge of the pen by himself with his head down. I started giving him his own nursing time and eventually fed him separately from the others. That then turned into sleeping inside and hanging out with me, free from the bullies.

Fast forward to today, Underdog is the biggest dog in his family by far. His mom can walk underneath him with little to no effort. From being brought back from near death to where he is today, it is quite remarkable. I think that in business, sometimes we have some Underdog ideas that just need some nurturing and care in order to make them successful. As a sales engineer, I try to look at multiple options and methodologies in order to provide the best technology solution for our customers, and I never want to discount the small, simple elements that might prove fruitful down the road.

Every day when I come home from work, Underdog is so excited to see me he spins around like a bronco for a bit and then curls up around my legs like a cat, then sprints around the yard for a while. Each time I go downstairs to the basement, he is laying down at the top of the stairs waiting for me to come back up. I am convinced that if I were down there for two days, he would still be waiting. At Nex-Tech, I try every day to treat our customers the same way. Whether the client is large or small, I am always excited for the opportunity to talk to them and assist them with their technology challenges, and whether they chose to do business with us or not, I will always be waiting at the top of the stairs for them when another opportunity comes around. 

Underdog is also the most determined, focused and unwavering squirrel dog. He will chase them, bark at them and stalk them for hours on end, every single day, every chance he gets. The mere mention of the “s” word in his presence, sends him sprinting outside and searching every tree, even though in his entire squirrel hunting career he has yet to catch his first one. While his success rate is as poor as it can be, his consistent effort and excitement is the same now as it was 1,439 squirrels ago.

Although our success rate here at Nex-Tech is a bit better, we still strive every single day to be consistent, repeatable and energetic for the benefit of our customers. Our employees take pride in providing the best customer service possible day in and day out with “Underdog-like” focus.

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