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Tech Edge 4.0 - How'd We Do?

Posted by Steve Riat on Jul 5, 2017 1:19:57 PM

I am asked many times what Tech Edge is all about and the vision is very simple. To connect people with technology and give them an edge over their competition.

The event kicked off with Steve Gilliland giving some great advice on enjoying the ride. Something I am continuously struggling with. I am definitely the guy saying “Are we there yet?”

Then the breakout sessions. Again, we wanted to focus on the people part of technology. Sure, we had all the product stuff, from the latest laptops to phone handset and even surveillance equipment. However, what the value brought was how a business or person was to utilize the “Stuff” and gain a competitive advantage.

Steve Riat - Tech Edge

Sessions like:

  • Cybersecurity – Are the Trends Pointing to You?
  • Cloud IT – What’s the Right Path for Me?
  • Which Social Media is Right for My Business?
  • Knowledge is Power – Remote Monitoring & Management
  • Growing Business Through Efficiency

These are just a few that were presented to connect people to the technology and to protect your business from the bad guys. In addition, we had the hands-on labs:

  • Twisted Crew Does Twisted Pair – A Cabling Deep Dive (A crowd favorite)
  • Access Control & Surveillance: Integrating your Systems
  • Cloud Phone – The Easy Way to Manage Your Phone System

And one of my personal favorites (Because I presented it) was Technology of the Future. This laid out the future of technology through 2099! Lots of fast and exciting changes coming.

It wouldn’t be a successful Tech Edge if we didn’t end on giving away $1,000 per minute for 15 minutes at Prize-A-Palooza.

We are always looking for ways of improving the event so please send me a message or give me a call if you have an idea. 

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