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Staying Ahead of the Curve

Posted by Olga Detrixhe on Jan 15, 2018 3:03:22 PM

managed it handshake.jpgI recently had a prime opportunity to accompany Steve Riat, our Director of Sales, and Justin Dempsey, our IT Manager to a Heartland Technology Group meeting. For anyone in the IT space, that might ring a bell (“Oh cool”), but for most of you, that probably doesn’t mean anything.

So, let me explain to you WHY that is cool! HTG is a peer group organization focused on providing leadership, consulting and coaching to Managed Service and IT providers. In the last 17 years, they have grown to over 450 members on 3 continents. They meet on a quarterly basis to discuss trends, issues, and challenges in the IT industry. They celebrate and share successes and learn from each other’s failures with the goal of becoming best in class for their customers. I originally went to one of these meetings as a rookie shortly after I had started at Nex-Tech. Going back provided me a unique insight in how we have grown, improved, and certainly challenged ourselves to become better at what we do. The conversations are always well-founded and constructive because those people do what we do and have been tremendously successful at it. So, what does that have to do with YOU? A LOT!! The fact that we invest in a group of industry leaders speaks to our commitment – the commitment to our mission to provide the best technology with our customers always at the forefront! That means serving YOU the best we can.

To see leaders at Nex-Tech engaged in that environment was really cool and I learned two things: 1. They’re huge nerds. 2. They actually DO know what they are doing and they are really good at it. The fact that everyone knew Steve, Justin, and Nex-Tech in general at a national meeting shows that we are recognized within the industry as leaders! Throughout the group discussions, I noticed that many things we have implemented for our customers in the last several years are “best practices,” whether that is making sure we have a diverse set of solutions when it comes to cybersecurity, or certain deployment and installation practices. We are in the most fast-paced industry, so staying on top of things and ahead of the curve is crucial – not only for us, but especially for you! We can make sure your business runs the most secure, most efficient, and most effective way possible. To me that is the best value we can bring to you, because it means we truly care about what we do. We want to do US the BEST we can, so you can do YOU the BEST you can.


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