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Should I Build a Facebook Page for My Business?

Posted by Megan Keiswetter on Sep 9, 2016 2:11:04 PM

 Like.jpgMany of us have spent hours stewing over that same big question, “Should I build a Facebook page for my business?” Just moments after posing this question, an abundance of additional concerns set in. What if it is expensive? What would I post about? What if a customer posts negative comments on my page? I already have a website, so I don’t need a Facebook page, right?

Facebook has become increasingly influential in our daily lives. As we evolve into a digital society, it is apparent that social media and online marketing are a must when running a successful business. While the concerns we have about developing a page are valid, let’s take a closer look at the benefits surrounding each of them.

What if it is Expensive?

With over 1.5 billion active users, Facebook completely dominates all other social media platforms, and it is completely FREE to setup! Not only do we have access to a substantial group of consumers, but we can also utilize our pages in a variety of ways. Facebook offers sponsored campaigns that allow you to target specific geographic areas, age groups and interests for considerably less than the cost of a traditional print, radio or TV ad. They also allow contests and giveaways that can directly impact the number of likes on your page.

What Would I Post About?

Indirect marketing can be a powerful tool for generating repeat visits to your page. If you are a realtor, don’t just post what homes you currently have for sale. Consider posting helpful tips about buying a new home, how often to change your air filters and the latest remodeling trends. This portrays you as an industry expert and regards your page as the “go-to” for useful information on these topics.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to purchase from businesses that they recognize, their friends have recommended or they have done business with in the past. Often the misconception is that we can build a page and people will automatically “like” it. The same rings true for a website. It takes more effort than the initial build to drive traffic to your page. Invite friends and family to like your Facebook page. Once you have built a following, ask them to review your page, comment on your posts, share your posts and invite others to like your page as well. This will make your business appear more reliable to their friends and family when making a purchasing decision.

What if a Customer Posts Negative Comments on My Page?

When a customer posts negative comments on your page, consider this a huge opportunity to showcase your customer service skills. People can witness how you deal with these situations. In turn, they will grow to appreciate your ability to handle complaints and offer solutions promptly, correctly and with the customer in mind.

Just because you don’t have a business page on Facebook, does NOT mean that people won’t still post about it. Luckily, Facebook lets us setup a list of keywords that might be mentioned in someone’s posts. This allows us to contact that person immediately and resolve their issue before it shifts into a downward spiral. If our competitors are on Facebook and we aren’t, consider those complaints new leads for their bottom line.

I Already Have a Website, so I Don’t Need a Facebook Page, Right?

Having a website is essential for building a strong online presence; however, having a Facebook page in addition to a website, can directly affect your search engine rankings. Use your Facebook page to drive traffic back to your website. Perhaps you can post a “teaser” on Facebook asking them to visit your page for more information. The more sites you have linking back to your website, the more reliable it’s considered, therefore ranking you higher in search results in some occasions. Also, depending on the audience, they might prefer one media over the other. We don’t want to shut our doors to those that prefer social media over a website or we are missing out on serious revenue opportunities.

The reason someone visits your website might differ immensely from the reason they visit your Facebook page.  If I am looking for a good restaurant to visit while I’m out of town, I would visit their website to look at their hours, contact information and an online menu. Then I would immediately visit their Facebook page to look at customer reviews, pictures of their food and drinks and a list of current promotions. 

Society is continuously changing, so our advertising efforts must follow. We cannot continue to market ourselves in exactly the same way and expect to gain new customers and revenues. Don’t miss out on the endless opportunities to grow relationships with current customers and pursue new relationships with potential ones. Make a plan, move forward and track your results.

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