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Work Remote With Cloud. Get Ready. Set. Go.

Posted by Sara Johnson on Mar 25, 2020 9:00:59 AM

COVID-19 threat increases the importance of working remote.

Keeping a close eye on COVID-19 is priority one here at Nex-Tech and we aren't taking it, or the directive to work remote lightly. As a technology company, coronavirus was not the impetus we needed to get remote-ready—we’ve been using virtual-work technologies for years. What the virus implosion did was force a hard look on expanding our use of an already existing virtual highway to company-wide use and new standards.

Now clearly, remote work solutions are (corona) virus free. That’s good. Perhaps not so clear are some associated savings. So how, you might ask, does a virtual remote space save money? Let’s talk time. Let’s talk meetings. Let’s talk Kansas, the distance between towns, and the travelling it takes to meet team members face to face. That convergence is where virtual work platforms convert to dollars and cents. Case in point. A day or so ago, we did some quick and dirty stats about the expense of meeting in person. That was an eye opener. Between lost productivity due to travel time and the expense of vehicle maintenance and fuel, we saw a number that, well, suffice it to say, could be put to a much better use.

Better yet, that one example of virtual workspace savings led to the next question. “When are we putting this into practice, and to what extent do we do that?” The answer? Monday, March 16th.

With an edict from leadership expressing a firm stance on customer and employee safety, departments followed up with some specifics. Here are a few.

FIRST: Use Microsoft Teams video conferencing. A quick and easy adoption because it’s already available in all conference rooms, on all mobile devices, and is simple to use with customers who are not on the same platform. NOTE: If your company doesn’t run Microsoft 365, contact us at 800.588.6649. We'll get you set-up.

SECOND: Remain mindful of CDC updates, travel advisories, social distancing, and self- monitoring and care, including frequent hand washing, cleaning of surfaces, and limited or no contact with people who show symptoms or who are sick.

THIRD: Maintain perspective and remain calm while working. See Six Tips for Improving Your Health and Wellness at Your Desk.

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