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Making the Most of Your IT with Virtualization

Posted by Andy Miller on Nov 10, 2017 3:12:55 PM


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In today’s technology world, we are continually finding ways to do more with less. Virtualization is a perfect match to eliminate multiple problems, because you can run several servers on a single piece of hardware. With the traditional setup of a single server running directly on a piece of hardware, you will find that over time you run into a number of setbacks.

Some popular restrictions are that you are never truly using the full hardware resources, creating higher temperature and power needs with each server addition, and the deployment time of a new piece of hardware is substantial, from receiving the equipment to finally having an application running on it. Other limits arise when you have legacy applications that are trapped to run on an old operating system and in turn old hardware.

All these are solved with the implementation of virtualization. For starters, you can overprovision hardware, which will maximize CPU, RAM, and hard drive space. Overall getting the very most for your buck from a single hardware purchase. In addition, a single virtual server will also save more than you can imagine on cooling and power cost over time. Provisioning time for a new virtual server on the host can also be accomplished in minutes instead of hours or days with a traditional deployment model. Finally, you can migrate old applications that are tied to old operating systems onto modern hardware by converting them and hosting them on a virtual server.

These are the most basic advantages behind virtualization, but if you take it to the next level and host your virtual servers inside of a cloud environment, then you have 24/7 monitoring by certified staff, redundant data centers for disaster recovery, and advanced features that insure high uptime, minimum resource contention, an established backup solution, and zero downtime due to hardware maintenance. With all of these features and tools that virtualization has introduced, it is a must-use strategy for any IT staff.

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