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Locking Down Server Security with HP Enterprise

Posted by Loren VonLintel on Sep 14, 2017 11:33:51 AM

Security is a looming issue for businesses. The threat landscape is increasing and attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Protecting servers at the software level is no longer enough. Businesses need to reach down into the physical system level to stay ahead of threats. With today’s increasing regulatory landscape, compliance is even more critical for both increasing security and reducing the cost of compliance failures. In the new world of hybrid IT, the lines are blurred and the perimeter is fluid, changing with the needs of the business. Internet of Things (IoT), for instance, is quickly changing the security focus from a pure software discussion to including hardware and firmware because of the proliferation of devices that must now be considered. Business protection must now happen from the edge, to the core, to the cloud.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HP Enterprise (HPE) has defined its security framework around its idea of Security Assurance, which focuses on a broad set of security capabilities and strategies that protect systems. Protection comes from hardening the hardware, using intelligence to better detect anomalies, adding encryption down to the component level, and then securing through its partners and supply chain. For HPE, this strategy helps enable the highest levels of security. This is why Nex-Tech partners with key players, such as HPE, that help innovate the industry. Strong relationships with manufacturers ensure that customers reap the benefits of the latest technology to keep them ahead of the curve. As the 10th generation comes to the market, HPE has increased the physical security, claiming that these new servers are the most secure in the market. And, Nex-Tech can help deliver that security with a compressive approach to keep your business safe.

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