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Lessons Learned on the Farm

Posted by Seth Ritter on Sep 14, 2020 12:33:54 PM

How Shortcuts Can Turn Into Headaches – Whether That Be in Cattle Driving or CALEA Compliance.

Seth Ritter on Cattle Drive in Rural KansasIt was a beautiful Saturday morning in late May in Northwest Kansas—a perfect day for a cattle drive. We started out on the drive and everything was going smoothly. For most of the older cattle, this wasn’t their first rodeo, so they knew where we wanted them to go and headed that direction. The less experienced cattle were following behind and it seemed like this was going to be an easy drive.

However, there is always at least one troublemaker in a herd. In a predictable fashion, one of the cows broke away from the herd and started heading towards the creek, an easy place to escape.

Armed with a four-wheeler, my friend went down to the creek to bring the cow back to the herd. After doing that successfully, he decided he needed to get across the creek in case any of the herd got on the other side. My friend knew there was a safe spot to cross but instead of taking the time access it, he decided to risk it and cross where he was.

Close to 15 minutes later I spotted him walking, wet and muddy from the waist down and no four-wheeler in sight. I’ll admit that I let a grin creep across my face because I knew what had happened. He ended up stuck in the creek. In fact, he did such a good job of getting it stuck that a pickup was required to pull out the four-wheeler.

After moving the cattle and getting him pulled out, we were all giving him a hard time and getting a good laugh out of it. I asked him, “Well, did you learn anything?” Chuckling, he responded, “Yeah, sometimes a shortcut isn’t worth it.”

Quote Developing CALEA 200909-1This was a pretty good lesson not only for life in general, but also for a service provider implementing a CALEA Compliance solution. Trying to develop a CALEA Compliance solution in-house is a challenging and expensive task, and can lead to providers taking shortcuts. And sometimes those shortcuts can lead to even larger headaches down the road.

While Nex-Tech’s Trusted Third Party CALEA solution may feel like a shortcut because it is so easy to implement, it's not. Unlike a shortcut, choosing Nex-Tech to handle this won’t lead to headaches in the future. If a CALEA warrant arrives, service providers can rest assured that Nex-Tech CALEA experts will be there to help facilitate the intercept and won’t leave them “stuck in the mud.”

For more information on Nex-Tech’s CALEA Compliance solution please call Doug Kuntz, or me, Seth Ritter, at 877-621-2974 or email

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