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Lace Up Your Boots!

Posted by Lacey Lyne on Nov 11, 2016 11:49:24 AM

dig._mark..pngBoot Camp is in Session! Nex-Tech recently had the opportunity to partner with the Hays Area Chamber of Commerce to offer a Digital Marketing Boot Camp presented by certified content marketing expert, Frank Kenny. Kenny drilled home the top key points in helping small business owners tackle social media marketing through Facebook, the creation of a customer email database through website pixeling and content creation with email marketing. Each of these marketing boot camp drills focused on helping small business owners tackle a few key marketing aspects for business growth.

What is this social media marketing drill all about?

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, maybe you have heard of them? Each of these programs fall under what is known as social media outlets or apps. Each of these programs are powerful marketing tools that can help business owners highlight their products, services or current specials for their organizations at next to no cost. Kenny focused on Facebook during his boot camp presentation, hitting the key points that Facebook creation is free, it allows business owners to build relationships with potential consumers through daily posts, photos and videos.  It is also a great tool to lead customers to your organization’s website, all while focusing on customer engagement. Are you ready to add one of these tools to your business boot camp belt?

Stop, blow your whistle, lets talk about this website pixel drill!

Directing traffic, while wearing multiple business hats, can be a challenge for all business owners. Website pixeling can help you manage that traffic. Pixeling is a feature that can be added to your business website that allows you to see what a specific customer is looking for by tracking their clicks and what they are viewing. Using this service, while requesting the customer’s email address, allows you to know the best service to highlight for that specific customer. This service assists you in building your email customer database, while giving you the exact direction on what products or services to target to that specific customer at any given time. This information can be invaluable as it allows you to create a customer profile that allows you to specifically target any one specific customer. Do you hear that? That is one big whistle blow for target marketing!

Down and give me twenty or maybe just email marketing!

So, you have pulled the social media tool from your boot camp belt and have added pixeling to your website to gain specific customer target markets, now what drill is next? Gaining the customer’s email address allows you to begin creating email marketing content to market to specific customer groups who are seeking specific services, products or information. Outside of the content and email management program, this tool enables you to access your customer for a low cost, while already knowing exactly what they are looking for. This is a huge benefit for marketing your business and services to a new customer base of warm leads, whom you already know have been to your website, looking at the services or products that you offer. The question is, are you going to make use of this opportunity to have customers running in your door?

Boot camp cool down, you made it!

Whether using social media, pixeling or email marketing to reach current and new customers, the overall goal is to take that customer through the journey of going from a cold business lead to a hot business lead who is ready buy. That overall process happens through building and nurturing the customer relationship and gaining the customer’s business!






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