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Keeping the Feds at Bay

Posted by Doug Kuntz on Jul 12, 2016 7:56:12 PM

ThinkstockPhotos-497710666.jpgYou completed your CALEA System Security & Integrity (SSI) plan in 2007 and if you’re like most, it would take some time to find a copy.  You are also trying to think of your CALEA Trusted Third Party (TTP) you hope you never have to call.  To find out, you call Accounting to see who the monthly check goes to in hopes they can provide you some guidance.

Fast forward several days, you have found your SSI manual and start reviewing it, only to discover all the information is outdated.  Your network has seen major upgrades, including expansion into new markets.  As you continue to read, you realize your appointed CALEA officer has since retired from the company.  All you can think of is, good thing the Feds haven’t issued a subpoena for lawful intercept on your network.

FCC rules require all CALEA-covered carriers to maintain up-to-date SSI plans.  When was the last time you updated your plan?

Nex-Tech is a CALEA Trusted Third Party and by using its equipment and knowledge, Nex-Tech is capable of providing ISPs and Telco’s the resources required to be CALEA compliant.

To learn more about how Nex-Tech can assist you with your CALEA compliancy, contact Doug Kuntz, Carrier Access Manager, at 785-721-2974 or visit our website

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