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It Won’t Happen to Me…Until it Does!

Posted by Olga Detrixhe on Jul 14, 2017 1:55:57 PM

ThinkstockPhotos-507799454.jpgYou hear it everywhere… Ransomware, hacker attacks, data breaches… Cybersecurity is such a hot topic that we frequently hear new stories, one scarier than the other. Amidst all that, it’s usually the big players that get the media coverage; big national chains like Yahoo, Target, or LinkedIn. So, the fact that the majority of attacks actually target small and medium businesses in small town communities often gets lost. In addition, there is so much out there that it is just overwhelming. We’ve gotten so desensitized to the news that we usually just brush it off: “I know it’s out there, but I don’t know what to do about it and it’s probably way to expensive, so I’ll just keep doing what I have been and pray it won’t hit me”. Unfortunately, that attitude can cost you everything you have worked for! So, instead of rattling off more stats to show you the mathematical likelihood of your business being a victim of cybercrime, I will simply ask you to consider and come up with a reply to three questions. This will help you determine how big of a risk cybercrime is for your business and what priority you should give it:

  1. What will happen to your business if you lose the majority of your data? That can be your customers’ personal data, your contracts, your business plans and pricing files, or inventory. Consider what it will do to your reputation when you have to notify customers, vendors, or regulators of the loss. Also, include how much it will cost you to re-build or retrieve that data, both in capital and in time and labor.
  2. What will happen to your business if you must pay a significant fine or deal with a large lawsuit? Most business owners do not realize that negligence in their security practices can potentially leave them vulnerable to claims. In addition, stolen revenue from cybercrimes may not be recovered, even if perpetrators are identified.
  3. What will happen to your personal life, your family, your house, your financials and securities if any of the above happens?

Cybersecurity is a big topic – and for a good reason. It may seem like a daunting, ever-changing challenge to tackle, but there is actually a multitude of things you can do to help protect yourself and your business and not all will bust your budget. The most important thing is to gain an understanding of what threats are most acute to your business and what your options are so you can make informed decisions and invest your hard-earned money where it counts, rather than hoping the bad guys will just pass you by. Find an IT partner you can trust who knows the industry and can help you come up with a strategy that is right for you! Nex-Tech can certainly do that for your business. Call 877.625.7872 for a free cybersecurity assessment!

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