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IPV6 Adoption is Like Waiting on Christmas

Posted by Nex-Tech Network Operations Team on Jul 12, 2016 8:03:57 PM

Why is IPv6 like the last present at Christmas nobody wants to open?

ThinkstockPhotos-479422010.jpgThere are several key factors why in the U.S. IPv6 is so slow for adaption.  At this point, the only key business driver that is relevant, is that American Registry of Internet NumbersARIN announced in late 2015, that they were out of IPv4 addresses.   Everyone has known this day was coming for the last 20 years and some predicated a much earlier arrival of this day.  With this being known, most companies in the U.S. prepared and have adequate IP space to accommodate their customers. 

From a customer’s perspective, most do not care or even know about IPv6.  The Internet is alive, healthy and working.  Nobody is asking for IPv6 as again, no major business drivers exist to compel them to ask.  Other drivers that exist include the cost to improve or upgrade your networking equipment in order to be prepared to run both IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously. Security always comes to mind and the inherent complexity of an IPv6 address compared to IPv4 everyone understands.  The North American registrar ARIN holds well over 40% of the total 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses in the world.  Although the area ARIN covers is considerably more than just the 50 U.S. states and Canada, it also includes all of North America and the continent of Antarctica, as well as other areas, reaching as far as Barbados. 

There are five registrars including ARIN, the others are LACNIC  - Latin America and the Caribbean, AFRINIC – Africa and Indian Ocean, RIPE NCC – Europe, Middle East and Central Asia, and APNIC – Asia Pacific.  The addresses are coordinated by IANA, which is one of the Internet’s oldest institutions dating back to the 1970’s



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