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Why Care About the IoT for Your Business?

Posted by Steve Riat on Jul 5, 2017 1:17:52 PM

smartfridge.pngYou may know by now I am a huge gadget fan and the IoT (Internet of Things) has fueled my gadget bug. From ChromeCast to the Nest Thermostat, I find it all fun to play with and there are some real advantages to the smart home. Until recently, I didn’t see the value to business. It was pointed out to me that the advantages of IoT not only can save businesses time and money, they can make a customer experience better or save lives.

Starting with saving lives, one of the things I was shown was a sensor that can go on a refrigerator that was monitoring the temperature of vaccines for things like rattlesnake antivenom. If this venom gets out of a certain temperature range, it is no longer effective. But most businesses, while not saving lives, could benefit from this technology. From keeping food frozen to making sure items are stored at an acceptable temperature. The cost of such monitoring is very minimal. I found this beneficial at my house simply to make sure the deep freeze is functioning.

Of course, there is water monitoring to make sure there is not water where it is not supposed to be and surveillance monitoring to make sure that people are not where they are supposed to be. But there is so much more with surveillance. From knowing how many people visited a store to even going more granular by knowing how many visited a certain section. This gives a business owner statistics on how the new display is drawing attention to the new sale and impact on customers.

Being in western Kansas, how many times have you driven in a retail area and seen a sprinkler system running when it just rained or when it is so windy and the water is being wasted on the street. Water being a precious resource, you wonder if or when that system will be stopped. With the new smart sprinklers, they can talk to the National Weather service and not run when it is going to rain, after it has rained or even when it is raining. There are also smartphone apps to control the systems remotely. These options can save money, resources and time.

There are sensors for everything from knowing when a door is left open to air flow and more. Today if there is a manual process of looking at something or someone must be remotely dispatched just to check something, most likely there is a sensor from the IoT that can make your business more efficient by automating these checks

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