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Introducing...Seth Ritter

Posted by Seth Ritter on Apr 17, 2019 12:47:48 PM

Meet Seth Ritter, a Carrier Representative and the newest addition to the Carrier Team.

Seth joined Nex-Tech a little over a year ago as a Rover in Customer Sales, and we’re happy he was able to join us in Carrier Sales. He still resides in his hometown of Jennings, KS, where he serves on the City Council and the Sons of the American Legion. Outside of these obligations, he is an avid sports fan and enjoys spending time working on the farm.

Seth earned a Bachelor of Management and Marketing from Fort Hays State University, but he considers his job to be a never-ending learning process. He values each person he meets and what he can learn from them, and he appreciates honest and open communication. He feels like he’d be doing well to end up like his father—the best man he knows. 

Seth thinks of the words of Mike Ditka when approaching life; “Today’s today, Yesterday’s yesterday, and tomorrow will be tomorrow.” It’s not exactly profound, but it’s easy to remember when you need to keep things in perspective. 

Seth laments that he cannot consider his father as a person who taught him the hardest lesson, instead of himself. That’s because, if he had listened to his father's advice, he wouldn’t have had to learn the hard way. His happy place is Arrowhead Stadium. “The people, the atmosphere, the tailgate food, the team…you name it. I love that place.”

When he has to choose, Seth prefers a person with experience, but he truly believes the best results come from pairing that person with another that has a fresh outlook. He is working to learn from all his trials and gain the experience to better serve our customers.

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