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How to Watch TV Online or On Your Cell

Posted by Jenny Leiker on Apr 1, 2015 3:16:57 PM

Take your cable TV service with you by watching on your cell phone!


The way we watch TV has transformed more in the last 5 years than the 50 before it. No longer are we confined to our couches, watching our favorite programs at scheduled times. Now many cable TV subscribers have the ability to watch TV service from their cell phone, tablet, or laptop. Entertain your children while on the road, catch up on your favorite show at the gym or enjoy sitting on your patio while watching TV outside. TV service has gone mobile and taking your TV service with you is easier than you think. Now you can watch TV on your cell phone, tablet, laptop... just about anything with wi-fi. It's easy too! Simply follow these steps that show you how to watch TV online!


Step 1: Start by Downloading Individual Network Apps

Many television networks have apps available for you to download to your smartphone, tablet or other wi-fi equipped device. If you know what network you'd like to watch, such as ESPN, ABC, NBC, TBS, USA and many more, you can search for the TV network in the Google Play store or App Store. Once you have found a few, simply download the apps. You can also watch the networks online. Simply search for the channel you are looking for and if they have online content available, you should be able to find it rather easily.

Step 2: View Available TV Content

Once you've downloaded an app or two or found the channel online, open the app or webpage and browse the content. The content variety and availability will vary by network. Some networks will require you to register first. Others will supply limited content without registration, but require you to register to see newer episodes of TV shows or watch more than a certain amount of time. Many network apps will require verification of a TV subscription with a cable company or satellite provider to view the full content. 

Step 3: Go Premium

If you're itching to catch up on Game of Thrones or Homeland, TV Everywhere is a great way to get your fix! Most premium channels offer TV Everywhere content if you subscribe to the channel from a TV provider. HBO Go and Showtime are two of the popular ones. You simply download these apps as you would with the other networks, sign up, then select your TV provider from the list (if your provider offers this service). Once you've selected your provider, such as Nex-Tech, you will then need to provide your TV Everywhere username and password. Click here to read more about how to sign up for Nex-Tech TV Everywhere. 

Step 4: Subscribe to Cable to Get the Most Selection

If you want the access to channels like Disney, Lifetime, ESPN, HGTV and many more of the popular networks, you'll need to subscribe to cable TV service from a provider that offers a TV Everywhere solution. Dish Network offers TV Outside through their Hopper product for an additional $7 per month. DirecTV customers have access to their phone and tablet app. Nex-Tech offers TV Everywhere free to all cable subscribers. 


The next time you're planning a car trip or stuck in line at the grocery store, TV entertainment is at your fingertips. Watching TV on your cell phone or tablet is easier than ever and is free to many cable subscribers! To get the most out of TV Everywhere, you'll want to consider subscribing to cable TV so you can access all the great content! 

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