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How Did I Choose My New Computer?

Posted by Steve Riat on Nov 25, 2015 3:48:22 PM



Upgrading your computer is something you have to do on a schedule or else things get so out of date it will cost you more than just a unit.  I am lucky that I get to choose a new computer every three years here at Nex-Tech. 

I remember clearly three years ago picking out my new laptop.  I knew I wanted something smaller, lighter and with more battery power.  My unit before had maybe an hour worth of battery and it took 25 minutes to boot!  Even more than that, it was starting to be slow and hey, XP was getting pretty old.  I looked forward to being one of the first on Windows 8!  One of the big items I wanted was the Solid State Drive (SSD) for the hard drive.  It added several hundred dollars to the price tag, however, I went with a smaller screen and could reuse my dock and monitors so all was good.

Good news is that laptop, which I am writing this article on, is still running great.  Never had to use the three year warranty and it still boots in seconds!  I have noticed that it is slowing down just a bit, however, the real issue is that state of the art three year old SSD is coming up short on space.  Currently, it has 1.55 GB available.  Cutting it a bit close I know!  However, it only had 137 GB after formatting and recovery partition.  Then, take Windows, updates and Office and I was down to less than 80 GB, which was a lot!  Good news is now I use cloud storage (ShareSync) to keep many documents so local storage is not as big of a requirement.  

So when I began my search, here are several things I looked for:

  • Latest battery conserving processor (Speed is not that big a deal, but battery is)
  • Solid State Drive with preferably 512 GB, but 256 GB would do.
  • 8 GB of ram (I did get by with 2 GB and its worked good!)
  • Touch Screen (Yea, I want that)
  • Tablet (I want to use one device for travel, dock at my desk and more)
  • Lightweight
  • Support three monitors (two and its screen)
  • Prefer pen support (I promise I will learn to use this technology)

So after researching, I came up with a couple options:

  1. Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga
  2. Desktop with a tablet as a second option
  3. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga.  It is a bit heavier, however, it has all the ports you need, pen, tripod mode and more!  I decided not to go this direction due to not needing the additional processing power and wanted something thinner.

A regular desktop with a tablet as a second option.  This is a great option.  I could get a desktop for around $500 and then a tablet for around that price as well! 

I went for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.  You say why the 3?  Well, we had some new ones around and didn’t see much of a big difference between the 3 and 4. I could also get it now and not wait!  So, the Surface was the winner with a dock, pen and travel charger.  I can’t wait to get started soon!  I will update you when I spend the first month on it.  (And, when I get to see the first Surface Pro 4) We’ll see how I feel after that!

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