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1 Good Deed, 10 Miles & A Whole Lot of Tech

Posted by Justin McClung on Jan 11, 2016 9:01:15 AM

I did my good deed for the day. My morning started by helping a nice man from Boston navigate the craziness to get to the Sands convention center. Never listen to people who tell you about a short cut through an alley in Vegas… bad idea.

Today, I was all over the place. Let’s start with some smart home products.

Honeywell.jpgHoneywell Lyric family of products will be coming out early 2016. Their new control panel will have Zwave and Wi-Fi built in with a card slot for future protocols. They will work with almost anything from the Zwave alliance which makes them very flexible. They are also retro fitting some older panels so the legacy installs can take advantage of the new smart solutions.

Sengled.jpgMaybe my favorite product of the show is Sengled smart bulbs. Think of an LED light bulb with a speaker built in. It can also sync audio through up to 8 bulbs giving you a solution similar to Sonos. The current model will allow any Bluetooth device to send audio through them. Future options will have modules to connect sub woofers also. Another product they are working on will have audio capabilities so you can talk to it. You will be able to walk in a room and simple say “Turn off the lights” and voila… You won’t need your Clapper any longer. All of their bulbs will be connected via single app and will be  open to other smart home platforms.

A couple other products I saw today that piqued my interest were geared around my laziness.

Ecovacs is a window cleaning robot. Not that I have ever cleaned a window in my life but if I did I would want to let a robot take care of it. Click here to watch them work. 

Laundroid.jpgLaundroid i, the worlds first laundry folding robot. Their sales pitch says you will save 375 days of your life currently wasted folding laundry. Even if I only get back one day, I would take it. 

Figured I would give new CES attendees a couple more words of wisdom. If you see a large crowd around a booth, you should check it out. Chances are it is a game changing product of some type. Also, ladies please don’t wear high heels. You won’t make it to the end of the week.

And, to close out the day, I give you a video you may not expect from a technology show floor. Click here to get your own.

Stats for the day… 21,554 steps, 10.24 miles walked.

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