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Posted by Aubree Broyles on Mar 15, 2018 2:49:50 PM

Call it Facebook Zero or Facebook Apocalypse. The date was January 11, 2018. The Facebook corporation announced a new focus on bringing people closer together. While this has a feel-good charm to it, what it means for social media marketing is that the goalposts are moving again.


Facebook Zero.jpgThe newsfeed will have less pages and public content. It will now feed on a preferred diet of live video. There will be new algorithms to reduce the engagement bait we’ve all become masters at. Replies to your post aren’t good enough. They want people commenting on the comments themselves, like a conversation. Videos will have less watch time.

What’s your plan to survive the Facebook Apocalypse?

     •You’ll want to post less frequently and make those posts really important. If you don’t have anything engaging to say, don’t say it just to keep your page active. Your content should get people to talk to each other.

     •You’ll want more Facebook live videos. If you have something special going on, let people experience it live along with you.

     •You’ll want to buy more ads. If you really want to make sure your content is seen, boost it with Facebook ads. They really aren’t very expensive and you can control your audience and how much you want to invest.

Press play to watch our presentation below.


Facebook ZeroPLAY copy.jpg

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