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Don’t Listen to Them, Keep it Going!

Posted by Steve Riat on Mar 13, 2017 1:20:32 PM

ThinkstockPhotos-532049662.jpgRecently, I flew out of Wichita Eisenhower Airport which is a great experience if you haven’t tried it.  Close parking, quick check in, fast security and you are quickly at your gate.  For this trip, I was flying Southwest Airlines which is known for their amazing culture and this trip did not disappoint. 

It started with check in where the attendant was very friendly and I remember her saying “See you in a little while to get you on your flight”.  Sure enough, that same person was at the gate.  Normally you sit there waiting for the boarding to start, so I do one of my favorite past times... people watching.  Seeing those who don’t fly much get in line half an hour prior to them even asking.

This gate was different this time.  The people working for Southwest had classic rock music playing above the noise and were having a great time.  Soon there were some retirees by the window singing along with the tune and then not long after that, the entire gate began to come alive with the music. 

There always has to be that one person who is the descending person.  She sat by me and was saying the music was too loud and “Turn it down”.  Not to be persuaded, the gate attendants kept it going and everyone (but you know who) had a great time.

As an interesting twist, I was picking up my baggage and here was the music scrooge standing next to me talking to someone who was there to pick her up and she was saying what a great environment it was in Wichita with music and singing.

The lesson I learned is don’t let that one person ruin your culture.  Have the confidence to rock on.

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