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Does Size Matter? iPhone 6 Plus

Posted by Steve Riat on Mar 10, 2015 12:43:59 PM


I recently upgraded my cell phone and as a loyal iPhone user, I knew the upgrade had to be to another iPhone.  The next step was deciding which model…the iPhone 6 or the 6 Plus.  After doing a quick hardware overview, not taking into account the screen size, I discovered that there were a couple of things the iPhone 6 Plus had that the iPhone 6 did not. These include:

  • A higher resolution screen
  • A larger battery
  • More pixels per inch
  • The Optical Image Stabilization

For a full hardware comparison of the phones, click HERE.

For me, it really came down to screen size.  Bigger must be better.  Better to do email, texting, photos and more.   And, I was right.  While I cannot compare between the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus, due to upgrading from the iPhone 5, I simply love the real estate.   For the first week of owning the iPhone 6 Plus I thought I had made a big (Pun intended) mistake.  The problem and the benefit is the same.  It is a large phone.  It kind of fits in the front pocket of my work pants, but definitely will not fit in jeans.  So, carrying around this massive phone is a real problem.  Not real sure what I am going to do in the summer.  Fanny pack, maybe?  Or, a belt clip like I had when I first got a smart phone?  Either way, I will overcome that problem this spring. 

One thing I do know is that after week two, I will never go back to the smaller phone.  I am a big fan of the iPad and I think that if I didn’t have an iPad air, I could use this iPhone 6 Plus to do all the things that I use the iPad for.  I can read email easily, which I was starting to have a problem with on the iPhone 5, and I am sure it was the phone because it couldn’t be my vision.  I never used my iPhone 5 for searching the Internet unless there was no other choice.  The 6 Plus is easy to navigate and large enough that many times I use the desktop version of web pages.

The biggest and most important feature of the iPhone 6 Plus is the battery.  If you click on the link above, you will see that the 6 Plus has a significantly larger battery over the iPhone 6.  It is stated that the talk time goes from 14 hours on the iPhone 6 to 24 hours on the 6 Plus.   Both phones are up over the iPhone 5S, which was rated at 10.  With my iPhone 5, I spent most of my days looking for power.  At my desk I had power.  Even when I went home for lunch I would plug the phone into my car for the quick five minute trip.  With the 6 Plus, I now have found that by lunch I use no more that 20% and many times 10%.  So I have at least 80% battery left!  I think I could even go TWO days on a full battery!

If only this phone was a transformer and could transform into a smaller package when I put it into my pocket, it would be perfect.  Until this happens, I will be happy to carry this large phone with me.  Sure, some may make fun of this huge phone, but they are just jealous.

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