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Drones and More...Day 2 at CES

Posted by Justin McClung on Jan 8, 2016 1:17:14 PM

Day two started with a thundering herd of humanity all trying to get on the Monorail at the same time. Did I mention that the hips are locked up tight? Enough of the complaining, I am at CES!

Drones were on the agenda today. Our Mobile Radio team is wanting to start doing tower safety and maintenance checks with a drone. This will serve a couple of purposes. If weather is poor it will allow them to see what the issues may be in a much quicker and safer way than today. They will also be able to see what parts or tools they will need if a climb is required. Safety and efficiency is the key.

There are an incredible number of manufacturers but the best one I found so far is the leader, DJI. Most vendors suffer from the same issues, battery length and wireless connectivity.  DJI has many options and they have solved the wireless issue so our Techs can see 4K video in real time at thousands of feet. Prices are reasonable and their technology is great. Click here to check out my video

Beam.jpgI did get sidetracked a bit more today with a mobile video conferencing solution from Suitable Tech, the Beam. This is a very cool robot with a screen and camera. The general idea is you can bring remote workers into the conversation and it feels like they are right there with you. They really know how to generate a buzz in their booth too. For their demo they brought in Edward Snowden from Russia via a Beam. If you don't know whose Edward Snowden is you can watch the documentary Citizen Four to get caught up.

Some of the technology toys that caught my attention...

Ecovent.jpgCovent- This is a pretty cool idea to help keep each room in your home at a consistent temperature. Essentially you install smart vents and a temperature sensor in each room. Then via an app you tell it how cold or hot you would like each room and the vents will open an close throughout the day to provide the consistency you are looking for.

- Are you looking for a consistent cocktail? WSomabar.jpghy not let a robot handle that for you? Put six of your favorite drinks and mixes into the containers then order up your drink via an app. Robots are taking over the world!


For my son, the tennis coach, I ran across the Tennibot. No need to manually pick up tennis balls ever again!


And this last one I didn’t really get any info but it was cool enough to get a short video. I have seen a lot of hologram solutions but this one may be the best I have ever seen in person, very cool. Click here to see this really cool demonstration.

Day two is over, I can barely walk but still stuff to see tomorrow. Stats for the day, 23,284 steps and 10.90 miles walked. Bring on day three!


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