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Day One of CES 2016

Posted by Justin McClung on Jan 7, 2016 1:02:53 PM

Thanks to abnormal rain and low hanging clouds in Las Vegas my flight was delayed almost four hours. I do feel fortunate considering there were many flights cancelled forcing attendees to miss parts of day one. The pilot powered through and got us there with plenty of time to get prepared for the first day of the show.

My first day was filled with keynotes and some time on the show floors. It is always good to get a lay of the land before you just aimlessly walk. Chances are you will get lost and will need to call in reinforcements. CES is spread across many hotels and a couple of the largest convention areas in the world, LVCC and the Sands Expo Hall.CES_Entrance.jpg

 Some of the more interesting things at CES:

  • You will hear every language imaginable.
  • You will see how diverse this world is just by people watching for five minutes.
  • You will learn patience or you won't survive the show. Lines everywhere you go.
  • Constant noise until you get back to your hotel room.
  • Your feet, legs and hips will hurt going into day 2. You cannot prepare for the amount of walking necessary to see everything.
  • 2.4 million square feet of show floor spread across multiple hotels and convention centers.  (Let that sink in)
  • Estimated 150,000 attendees. In 2015 there were 176,000 so they limited the number for 2016.

 On to the keynotes!

 Reed Hastings Keynote (CEO of Netflix)Netflix.jpg

  • In 70 million homes worldwide.
  • In half of US households.
  • 12 billion hours of Netflix video watched.
  • Currently in 60 countries.
  • They are the leading creator of 4K content.
  • In 2016 they will create 600 hours of original programming.
  • During CES they announced 130 new countries.

Mary Barra Keynote (CEO of GM)Chevy_Bolt.jpg

  • Working with Lyft on the future of ridesharing.
  • OnStar has responded to over 1 billion requests.
  • In the US there is a new car sold every 2 seconds.
  • New Bolt electric vehicle was announced and shown.  Battery can charge to 80% in 60 minutes.  The rear camera is built into the rear view mirror for great visibility. After government incentives it will sell for $30,000. In production in 2016.

Oculus.jpgIt is obvious what the most interesting technologies are going into 2016, drones and virtual reality. I couldn’t count how many drone vendors are pushing their products. The big boys like DJI were there but many others you have never heard of trying to get a foothold in this industry. Virtual reality is also incredibly popular with the behemoth that is Oculus as the main player. For the second year in a row the waiting line just to try their VR goggles was over an hour wait. Needless to say on day one I chose not to wait.

With the first day in the books here are my stats... 24,169 steps and 11.38 miles walked and the day isn’t over yet. Stay tuned for day two where I plan to dig deeper into drones, smart home products and home networking devices!


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