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Cordell Newsletter Winter 2020

Posted by Bill Mathews on Dec 2, 2020 8:37:32 AM
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Cordell News

Citizens Coop in Virginia Reflects on using the Cordell VQM for C15.

By Matthew Cox

Citizens Coop Tara and Matt in CO 201125We are certainly more than happy to speak of our experiences with Cordell and their platforms! Specifically I will speak about the VQM for C15, but we really like their CiNAS network control center as well for our alarm monitoring—which is much more than just alarm monitoring, by the way.
When we installed our Ribbon C15 softswitch, we made the decision to do all of our voice services with VoIP (specifically SIP), so naturally that inherently brought the need for troubleshooting beyond what would be done with MGCP lines or something similar. 

Our C15 included a call history server which tracked all of our VoIP traffic data for us, but to actually utilize that information for troubleshooting, our team was spending hours, sometimes spanning multiple days to find all the call detail records for just one call or issue. When we did find the call detail record (CDR), it often was only one leg of the entire record, leaving us with the problem of finding the second half of the call.  
The the Cordell VQM system does all the "heavy lifting" for us. It allows us to use one interface to filter based on a number of different parameters such as date, time, calling number, called number, etc.  The filters are fully adjustable and can be saved, so specific searches (often required) are available without requiring a new setup with the same parameters, creating a record with all the call legs based on the call reference number. 

Many times, we can see what is happening just from the wealth of information the interface presents, however, it also gives us the ability to dig further if we need to by using the call reference number to find the correct capture file within our call history server without spending days doing it!  
In addition, the VQM software offers graphs that show tracking for MOS, Jitter, Packet Loss and Round Trip Delay (RT). These help give insight to your overall VoIP network and can notify you if there are system-wide issues that need to be addressed. Thankfully, due to Cordell’s systems, our network is running very clean so I don't use that part of the system as much, but it's nice to have the tools at hand when needed without having to dig through other time consuming or inefficient platforms.  
Also, the easy user-friendly Linux dashboard interface allows a greater portion of the team to troubleshoot and resolve issues in a much more timely manner.  
I would also point out that Bill, Ken, Mary, and the team at Cordell have been excellent to work with and are very responsive to any questions or needs we've had. That means a lot to us! We love to do business with a team that gets it and creates quality tools that make our jobs and ultimately life easier.

Meet Pete Kelly! Let's Get to Know Him.

Pete Kelly, Cordell Customer Service ManagerPete has been with Cordell for 16 Years as our Customer Service Manager. He is in charge of product support and customer service. Many of you know him immediately by his deep voice, and as Cordell's extremely helpful manager. 

Where did you attend college?
I went to Cal Lutheran for two years as a Geology major and then to Cal Poly Pomona for an Engineering degree. I still have my rock hammer though and have a tough time driving past a road cut without craning my neck.

Tell us a little about your work experience.
Before Cordell I worked in RAID storage, tape storage, was a machinist, drove a tow truck for two years and was a sweeper at Disneyland for a summer. I've been here at Cordell for almost 15 years with 366 of those days here at Nex-Tech.

Where are you from originally?
I was born and raised in the next town over called Pomona. Other than the two years in Thousand Oaks, CA while at Cal Lu, I have yet to live more than 10 miles from my birthplace.

What do you do in your spare time?
I have a mountain bike that I don't ride much, I have a Peloton that I ride a lot and I enjoy diving which we tend to plan vacations around.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
My mother might say "graduating from college," my father might say "staying out of trouble," and my wife might say "staying employed," but I'm going to go with living a life that has all these people in it.

What has been your favorite vacation?
We rented a house boat on Lake Mohave where we spent a week with no outside communications, just sun, stars, peaceful and serene.

What is your favorite book or movie?
For a book I'm going with The Andromeda Strain, and for a movie I'm calling it a tie between Men in Black and Top Gun. I need to also mention that I can't walk past any of the Alien or Transformer franchise, and I can recite from memory both Grease and Dirty Dancing. How's that for making a decision?

Who is your favorite team?
This is a sports question, right?

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
Maybe an Orca. He hangs out in a pod and makes decisions about who his friends are based on how hungry he is. Friend = don't eat, enemy = eat.

What is something people may not know about you?
I'm a quiet, unassuming introverted home body with an opinion. Okay, basically I'm a storyteller and as my wife might add "telling a better version of the truth."

Who has inspired you in your life and why?
My father set many of my standards and established the baseline for whom I would become.

Tell us about your family
I have a wife of 31 years who picked up where my dad left off and is able to explain to me (in terms that I can understand) why one or the other of my two daughters is not speaking to me.


Big Bend Chooses Cordell for System Replacement

Big Bend has selected Cordell Network Solution Experts to enhance monitoring capabilities at the central office and 50 remote sites. Using Cordell’s Virtual CiNAS Network Operations Center, Linux-based edge computing, and Remote Terminal Units (RTU), will benefit Big Bend and its customers for years to come. 
ABOUT: Big Bend Telephone (BBT), a Texas company with 60+ years of introducing innovative solutions in communications while maintaining its core values of hard work, integrity and quality service.
Venture Communications Selects Cordell for Network Control Center and RTU Deployment

Venture has selected Cordell Network Solution Experts new CiNAS Network Operations Center to provide network monitoring with its virtual (VM Ware systems) platform for alarm display and notification. The solution includes a Linux-based edge computing system to collect, pre-process and notify personnel of network conditions using the new cloud-based email to voice delivery system which: 1) Allows for quick and accurate response, and 2) Offers customers the best in network connectivity and performance. 
ABOUT: Venture Communications—a South Dakota company that has been an innovating rural communication company since 1952 and serving over 30 communities in central South Dakota. 
Great Plains Communications and Haviland Telephone/Broadband expand their call quality monitoring with Cordell's Voice Quality Measurement Software.  This software (VQM) allows companies to quickly process, search and report call detail record issues and meets FCC-132-A requirements for information required quickly for law enforcement groups.

Cordell, a California Company, is a Division of Nex-Tech.

Seth Ritter Joins Cordell Team

Seth Ritter(1)Seth Ritter has deep roots in Rural Northwest Kansas and offers a unique perspective on the telecommunications industry having served in various capacities at Nex-Tech. As a CALEA compliance expert, he works with hundreds of broadband service providers throughout the United States.

Seth holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and as a small-town city council member, he understands the challenges rural America faces and its need for good broadband services.



Check out the NTCA Webinar with Doug Kuntz and Seth Ritter

After hours callouts and truck rolls are some of the most difficult and expensive challenges telecoms face in maintaining core networks.


Topics included:

  • SNMP Management—Adding Clarity to Alarms
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Monitoring Packet Loss in Video
  • Alarm Trending / Reporting
  • Voice Traffic Reporting
  • Looking for Needles in Your Softswitch Haystack
  • Ticketing—If There’s Not a Ticket, It Didn’t Happen!
  • Hosted PBX / SIP Trunk Voice Quality Measurement

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