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Cordell 2020 Summer/Fall Newsletter

Posted by Bill Mathews on Aug 17, 2020 9:54:12 AM
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Cordell Begins 41st Year as a Division of Nex-Tech

Many great things are happening at Cordell with the integration of Nex-Tech systems and resources including improvements and expansions of products, and more engineering that will result in additional opportunities for our customers. A few of our new offerings include CALEA, Network Operations Center (NOC) services and Advertising Solutions. And later this year, look for new cloud based network monitoring solutions. 

Covid-19 Operational Information for Cordell, A Division of Nex-Tech

Cordell Mask 200813


Customers and Friends:

Cordell is an essential provider and will remain open during these challenging times to provide support and assistance. In California, we are experiencing many additional difficulties. Due to conditions, we have people working both in our offices and at home. Cordell employees based at home are equipped with a laptop, an office connected phone, and a corporate network connection, allowing the flexibility necessary to work with you as required. We also have video call capabilities for assistance and training.

Contact Information: 

Please use the contact information below so we can most efficiently distribute requests to our team members.

Cordell is committed to doing our part to support our customers and slow the spread of this virus. Our focus is on our employees’ well-being while supporting you. If there is anything we can do to help, please reach out to our dedicated team.

FROM ALL OF US—Thank you and stay safe.


Cybersecurity—Cordell, using CentOS 7 Linux in its VM and server platforms, has installed and tested cybersecurity solutions for all new projects and offers the option to move existing ISD (where possible) to the new platform.

NEW—Cloud-based Voice Delivery of Alarms for ISD, VQM and CiNAS owners. Cordell and Nex-Tech engineers have integrated a new cloud-based voice delivery platform for CiNAS, Voice Quality Measurements (VQM) and ISD User with CentOS 7. Deliveries will now include email, text, and optional voice delivery. If you are not currently using CentOS 7, Cordell would like to offer to upgrade or replace your ISD system to include its new cybersecurity and voice delivery as an optional upgrade.

Cordell Adds Additional Fraud Detection to its VQM Metaswitch™ & Ribbon™ Platforms—Cordell announced the release of its latest update for its Voice Quality Measurement module (VQM). This upgrade includes numerous new search reports such as 911, International Inbound/Outbound 011, abusive calls and high traffic (partial list). With CentOS 7, customers will have the opportunity to select reporting via email. This upgrade is included with your Cordell maintenance contract at no charge.  Voice delivery is optional.

Cordell Now offers CALEA and NOC ServicesNex-Tech and Cordell now offer CALEA and 24x7x365 network monitoring. Contact: for more information and pricing.

Advertising and Marketing ServicesCordell and Nex-Tech’s team of experts can offer your company better industry recognition, additional Internet (Google) hits and an easy to use website for your customers and associates.

MeganAuthorAdvertising Solutions Representative Megan Keiswetter presents NTCA Webinar October 15th

Digital Marketing Methods that Get Results

With the ever changing world of technology, the variety of marketing platforms to choose from are endless. Uncover unique ways to advertise your business while effectively driving sales growth. Increase your bottom line by combining traditional advertising methods with these nontraditional approaches. Check here for the NTCA webinar schedule.


Ron Ellis, Director of Operations Retires at Nex-Tech—A year ago, Cordell became a member of the Nex-Tech family. During this time, we have worked with a number of talented and creative people. None more than Ron Ellis, Director of Operations. When I hear the term ‘stand-up guy,’ I think of Ron. Congratulations on your retirement.


Leonard and Oneil 200804


Viya Fuel Sensor Project—(US Virgin Islands)—Viya, a Division of ATNI, is in the process of installing Cordell’s latest in fuel monitoring sensors. Utilizing Cordell’s CiNAS Network Control Center and Model 2000 RTU with our diesel fuel sensors, Viya has the ability to not only receive low fuel warnings and fuel levels, but also detect fuel loss due to a leak or vandalism. PoE ports on the Model 2000 also powers their cameras utilizing motion detection, infrared night vision and 2-way audio.

L to R: Oneil Taylor, NOC Manager and Leonard Diaz



FSM  - Cordell Presentation


Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) Utilize Cordell System and Video Monitoring—With multiple Pacific locations within 3,000 square miles, FSM understands the need for creativity and telco knowledge in monitoring to insure reliable Internet, telephone, and wireless services for their customers. To meet these needs, FSM has been using Cordell’s CiNAS network monitoring for several years. Recent upgrades include VM platforms with our latest Model 1000 RTUs for monitoring power, doors, and the use of video surveillance, allowing a single location to monitor all network locations.

 L to R: Rodelio Pulmano, Senior VP, CFO, marketing rep, Fredy Perman, CEO, marketing rep


Windows 2008 Upgrades—Please contact support or as soon as possible to have Cordell upgrade your system from Windows 2008 to 2016 or 2019. Microsoft has informed Cordell that Windows 2008 has serious security issues.

The Future

Cloud Based Monitoring—Look for more information in the near future on Cordell/Nex-Tech’s Cloud based monitoring solution utilizing Nex-Tech’s data center and platforms. Scheduled to launch late 2020 or January 2021.

New RTU for Small Application and 5G Deployment—Cordell’s new family for RTU devices Model 1000, Model 2000 and future 5G system are now fuel sensor compatible and include SSH & SSHv2 for security.

Fall Schools Cancelled—Cordell’s CiNAS, ISD and VQM schools in November have been cancelled due to the virus situation. They will be rescheduled in 2021.


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