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Cordell Newsletter Spring 2021

Posted by Bill Mathews on Mar 4, 2021 1:25:50 PM
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Cordell News


  1. Big Bend Telephone (BBT) Selects Cordell, A Division of Nex-Tech
  2. Consolidated Communications Upgrades eTraffic System
  3. NOC Cloud Control Center
  4. CALEA—Are You Compliant?
  5. Model 5000 Launches
  6. Get Help Identifying Robocalls

Big Bend Telephone (BBT) Selects Cordell, A Division of Nex-Tech

By Jim Tom Cardwell

Big Bend Telephone 210217

For over 55 years, BBT has supported West Texas, always focused on customer support and the implementation of solutions supported by leading-edge technology. Long-term goals include implementing innovative solutions in communications while maintaining the core values of hard work, integrity, and quality service.

A recent effort in growing and maintaining their leading-edge position, BBT is announcing opening the first Multi-Tenant Colocation Data Center facility in Midland, TX.

Additionally, with an eye toward the future and remaining on the forefront of technology through consistent enhancements, BBT began the installation of Cordell’s new CiNAS C5.3 network control center in 2021. Included were 50 Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and Cordell’s Edge Computing design, allowing the concentration of numerous software-based systems into a single display, and offering BBT faster and more accurate notification and support to customers.

Not a stranger to Cordell and prior to the CiNAS installation, BBT integrated other Cordell solutions including call quality measurement software for CDR and AMA records. New enhancements to that platform along with integration into C5.3 also gives BBT search and identification of robocalls along with help in meeting the TRACED ACT requirements coming into law later this year.

Consolidated Communications Upgrades eTraffic System

Consolidated has selected to upgrade their Cordell eTraffic System to VMware, improving speed while taking advantage of Cordell/Nex-Tech’s Edge Computing to eliminate high over-head and faster report generation. In addition, it will allow Consolidated the ability to concentrate all offices nationwide into one location for reports and analysis. System turn-up is complete with all offices (60+) reporting. Nex-Tech’s Missouri training group is now in the process of training.

NOC Cloud Control Center 

NO Hardware—NO Licensing—NO Maintenance Fees

  • Easy Setup and Easy to Operate
  • Voice, Text and Email Notification of Alarms
  • Mobile Friendly
  • User-Friendly Dashboard
  • Integrated Ticketing System
  • Cloud-Based Network Management System
  • No Hardware to Purchase or Maintain


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CALEA—Are You Compliant?

#WHATISCALEA—CALEA stands for the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement act; a federally mandated law enforced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This law requires that communications service providers assist law enforcement agencies in executing lawfully authorized electronic surveillance, including live intercepts of voice and data packets from service providers. 

Model 5000 Launches

The Model 5000 RTU is Cordell’s next generation site management platform that

expands and enhances the remote monitoring product suite. It also enables site alarm monitoring, wireless (WiFi) device aggregation, equipment connectivity, and acts as a remote device supplying alarms and notifications to a centralized network monitoring system.

The Model 5000 supports options such as WiFi, 900Mhz sensor connectivity, and wireless configuration via mobile applications. These new aggregation capabilities support simplified installation processes previously unattainable with traditional site management systems.


  • Scalable and flexible for any size requirement
  • Integrated fiber WAN and 4G LTE connectivity options
  • PoE Ports (4) for expansion, site security (video) and other applications
  • SiteBus sensor support—temperature, fuel (LP gas & diesel), and relay expansion
  • Next generation connectivity options for wireless sensor and systems
  • Easy-to-use GUI interface programming
  • Advanced equipment management and protocol conversion
  • Flexible IP network connectivity including wireless networking options

Get Help Identifying Robocalls

Stay in compliance with the FCC-17-132A, plus Options for TRACED ACT

Use Cordell’s Call Quality (VQM) Software incorporating new features for Jitter, RT Delay, Packet Loss, and MOS Scores, with easy report-generation and graphs on a simple-to-read dashboard.

C15 and Metaswitch Users

One-Ring Scam calling is causing increased problems, requiring increased call reports for effective management. The Cordell Suite of products now has added features in its C15 Call Quality Software to help deal with this problem.

Measurement VQM Standard Call Record Reports

  • MOS Scores
  • Track International Call Abuse
  • Usage by Carrier and Trunk
  • Directory Numbers Search—ORIG and TERM
  • Repetitive “Robo” calling
  • Nuisance Calling (same number)
  • Discover—Disconnected Phones with Traffic
  • High Traffic

Robo Calling Customer Issues:

Here at Cordell, we have been working with our VQM customers on a recent increase in “One Ring Scam” calling. This has been occurring for a while, and has become more evident with Stir/Shaken implementation.

We are finding more occurrences in our customer base throughout the US and modified VQM to better identify these occurrences to alert the telcos. This included increasing the frequency of CDR collection and reporting high volume offenders via alarms/emails.

There are now reportedly three versions of this scam:

  1. Scammer calls and hangs up before anyone answers.
  2. Scammer waits for the victim to answer, plays a pre-recorded message of someone in an emergency situation, then hangs up.
  3. Scammer sends a text message.

Many of these are originating in the Caribbean, mainly Jamaica.

Ironically, we recently identified this situation in a California telco while working on their VQM, exemplifying the activities outlined in a Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information blog titled “One-ring” cell phone scam can ding your wallet." 

Click here to find out more about the "One-Ring" cell phone scam.


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